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So I waited quite a while after I bought this printer to review it. I wanted to see how it would per.. ...»
Varun Heta
Excellent print quality, very reliable, super support, great price.This is my second one. First has .. ...»
Serkan Aybaba
Thing of beauty, A perfect fit for my desktop. Quality prints right from my 1st try. Although this i.. ...»
Worth for its price. It is everything that hasmentioned in this website. I'm happy with the way serv.. ...»
I've had Mbot Grid II plus for four months and have been printing like a friend. The print quality i.. ...»
Mauricio Martins
What a fun thing to use! Easy to set up and easy to get started. Grid plus arrived well packaged and.. ...»
Menthol Rum
Got mine yesterday from 3dprintersonlinestore... So far pretty happy with it. Easy to setup was prin.. ...»
Chose this printer due to reviews, hoping for reliability and not necessarily features. <p>.. ...»
Paul West
I am on a University Robotics Team and we have had the Mbot Grid II 3d Printer for close to six mont.. ...»
Robert Gaskins
I've been looking for a home 3D printer for past three months. The online reviews and forums are an .. ...»

Mbot 3D

Mbot 3D

The MBot is usually a medium-size animations printing device intended for ABS as well as PLA making. With anything involved, there will end up being simply no stress after you print intended for the very first time. A good guarantee and with good support team resolve your queries possibilities also help fit you relaxed.

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Mbot Mini Desktop 3d printer
$599 USD $565 USD
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Mbot Cube Dual Extruder - Personal 3D Printer
$999 USD $779 USD
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Mbot Grid II Plus Dual Extruder 3D Printer
$1,200 USD $979 USD
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