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Great printer once you get it setup and learn a few things about how to print. I did opt to change t.. ...»
James Beehler
I'll start by saying, this is my second 3D printer (also have a solidoodle 4). &.. ...»
Jonathan Penland
I have owned my Robo 3d R1 Plus since October. It should really be a open the box and plug and play .. ...»
Aldo Rosas
I saw this printer on an episode of The Fine Bros’ “Elders React.” It is one of the best lo.. ...»
B. Dolfin
Ok, so this its just an initial review. Its going to sound a bit bad, but I don't hate it -.. ...»
This is by far the best and easiest printer to use. I've had experience with five different.. ...»
Coach Tom
I had the Robo3D R1 and now have the Robo3D R1 Plus. I didn't want to experiment, worry abo.. ...»
Bob L
Day 1: been printing for a couple of hours. The "calibration ring" was perfect. M.. ...»
C. Glenn
Great printer with amazing build volume. The Robo 3D R1 plus has some incredible features w.. ...»
By far the best sub-thousand dollar printer out there. With any 3D printer you're going to .. ...»
John Duli

Robo 3D

Robo 3D

Durable plastic-type material carved components are generally to make good quality items throughout the Robo 3d printer. The actual printer has dark polymer print your bed. The printer incorporates 1. 75 mm filament. The standard of conclude will probably be extremely high.

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