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Type A - The new SERIES 1 3D Printer

We work to provide the very best tools and with the introduction of the new Series 1, we're introducing a choice of models.

Our goal when developing the new Series 1 was to deliver an uncompromised experience with the same high quality output as our Series 1 Pro with a more accessible price.

We think you'll be thrilled with the results.

Lead Time: 2 Business days. Shipping from USA

More Compatible 3D Printing Filaments: Alloy 910, BluPrint, Bridge Nylon, Bronze Fill PLA, Carbon Fiber PLA, Conducive PLA, CopperFill PLA, FlexSolid, GMASS Bismuth, GMASS Tungsten, iGUS i180, Iron PLA, Ninjaflex, Nylon 618, Nylon 645, Nylon 680, PCTPE, PET+, PLA, PLAdium PLA, SemiFlex, Stainless Steel PLA, TechG PETG, Tglase PETT, WoodFill PLA, XT CoPolyester, Carbon Fiber XT, BrassFill, PLA/PHA, PolyFlex, PolyMax, PolySupport, PolyWood, ProtoFlux, Tritan and Quantum3D.

Type A 3d printer


The Series 1 includes:

  • Full 12"x12"x12" print volume.
  • Network-ready via Ethernet or Wi-Fi.
  • Wi-Fi Access Point for out-of-the-box connection.
  • Cura for Type A Machines slicing software.
  • Software Updates at the click of a button.
  • One Year License for Autodesk Fusion 360 .
  • 1 Year of support with unlimited email.
  • 1 Year Warranty.

We know quality components matter and that the size of the build volume has significant impact. We know features such as the extruder must be reliable. Rather than compromise, we took advantage of the modular design of the Series 1 to deliver the same industrial grade tool, with a few features available as options. Our heated build platform is a great boon for big prints and some materials and the webcam is great for reviewing jobs or monitoring many printers.

With these available as upgrades, the Series 1 delivers uncompromised, high precision, high quality results more affordably than ever.

A Higher Standard:

Type A 3d printer


Full Cubic Foot Build Volume:

305mm x 305mm x 305mm. A cubic foot of usable build volume enables bigger parts and broader applications, meaning more opportunities and unrivaled value in cost per cubic inch.

Rigid Frame:

Building on a rigid aluminum frame, we add extruded aluminum lateral stiffeners and X-axis reinforcements resulting in high quality output, minimal deflection, and providing instant access to the full build platform; our signature open design.

A Tool Platform:

Modular by design, the Series 1 is ready for future technology upgrades. In addition to hardware upgrades, software updates are now delivered directly to you with the click of a button. But we go beyond that, covering software and hardware modification in our warranty and providing attachment points and standard connectors, so you can make your Series 1 suit your needs.

Type A 3d printer


Removable Build Platform:

Further simplifying removal of your prints, the build platform on the Series 1 is removable. Simply slide the platform forward and you can lift it off the machine. Additional build platforms can be purchased to allow quick transitions from one print job to the next.

Front-Facing USB + Power:

The Series 1 provides a front-facing power switch for quick access as well as a front-facing USB port.

Wide Open Access:

The Series 1 provides full access to the large build volume, unhindered by doors or windows. We allow unimpeded access from a full 180˚ making every completed part removal easy.

Powerful Tools:

Cura for Type A Machines builds on the most powerful slicing engine in the world, providing a user-focused interface to ensure ease of use, and broad materials support. Optimized profiles for dozens of materials are available and new material profiles are available as they are released. Software updates delivered directly to your printer.

Technical Specifications:

  • Technology: Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF), 1.75mm, No Restrictions on Source.
  • Build Volume: 305x305x305 mm (12"x12"x12”), Axial Diagonal: 528.28mm (20.8 in).
  • Build Platform: Borosilicate Glass, Max Temp: 120°C.
  • Layer Resolution: 50-300µm.
  • Maximum Extruder Temp: 300°C.
  • Speed: Extruding 15-120 mm/s, Traveling 30-250 mm/s.
  • Software: Cura for Type A Machines, Series 1 Interface (Octoprint-based).
  • Other: Wi-Fi, Ethernet.

G2 Extruder (Toolhead):

  • Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm.
  • Maximum Temperature: 300°C (572°F).
  • Materials: Aluminum, Stainless Steel.
  • Meltzone Length: >10mm.

Heated Build Platform:

  • Material: Borosilicate Glass.
  • Heating Element: 360W Silicon heating surface (if equipped).
  • Build Length, X-Axis: 305mm (12 in).
  • Build Length, Y-Axis: 305mm (12 in).
  • Maximum Recommended Temperature: 120C.

Addressable Build Envelope:

  • Build Volume: 28.37 L (1728 in3).
  • Build Length, X-Axis: 305mm (12 in).
  • Build Length, Y-Axis: 305mm (12 in).
  • Build Length, Z-Axis: 305mm (12 in).
  • Build Area Hypotenuse: 431.34mm (17 in).
  • Maximum Corner to Corner Distance: 528.28mm (20.8 in).

Precision and Accuracy:

  • Recommended Layer Resolution: 50-300µm (0.05 - 0.3mm).
  • Maximum Tested Layer Resolution: 25-600µm (0.025 - 0.6mm).
  • Positional Accuracy, X/Y Axes: 6.57µm (0.00657mm).
  • Positional Accuracy, Z Axis: 6.25µm (0.00625mm).
  • Maximum Tested Dimensional Tolerance (Optimal Geometry): 100µm (0.1 mm).
  • Minimum Feature Size (Optimal Geometry): 1mm.


  • While Extruding: 15-120 mm/s.
  • While Traveling: 30-250 mm/s.
  • Note: Feedrates are not necessarily indicative of overall print duration.

Supported Software:

  • Slicing Software: Cura for Type A Machines.
  • File Types: STL, OBJ, AMF.
  • Operating Systems: Windows 8/7/Vista, Mac OS X 10.6+, 32/64-bit Ubuntu 12.04+
  • Control Software: Series 1 web interface (Octoprint-based).
  • File Types: GCO, GCODE (exported from Cura).

Supported Connection Options:

  • Access Point Mode - connect via printer's built-in Wi-Fi network.
  • Local Wireless - connect via existing Wi-Fi network.
  • Local Ethernet - connect via Ethernet cable and port via router.

Power Management:

Instant-off one-button accessible power switch on front panel.

Power Transmission:

  • Ribbon Cables Tested to one million cycles.
  • Diagnostic LED indicator lights next to print head.

Onboard Camera (if equipped):

  • 1.3 MP CMOS sensor.
  • HD resolution.
  • Real time video and still out.
  • Time Lapse Recording.

Onboard Computer Systems:

Primary Onboard Computer: BeagleBone Black (BBB)

  • CPU: 1GHz ARM® Cortex-A8 Processor
  • RAM: 512MB DDR3
  • Storage: 16/32 GB Expandable MicroSD
  • OS: Custom based on Linux variant

Secondary Onboard Computer: RepRap Universal MEGA Board with Allegro (RUMBA)

  • Stepper Drivers: Trinamic TMC2100 with digitally interpolated 1/256th Microstepping
  • Firmware: Marlin-based firmware variant


  • Expansion Port: 1x USB ‘A’.
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11b/g/n at 2.4 GHz with WEP/WPA/WPA2 Encryption.
  • Ethernet: 10/100 Mbps max speed.


  • Motor Size, X/Y Axes and Extruder: NEMA 14.
  • Motor Size, Z-Axis: NEMA 17.
  • Step Angle: 1.8° (200 steps/rotation).

Operating Environment:

  • AC Input without Heated Build Platform: 110-240V
  • AC Input with Heated Build Platform: 110V ONLY.
  • Internal Voltage, Kinematics and Hot Ends: 24VDC.
  • Internal Voltage, Computer Electronics and Endstops: 5VDC.
  • Internal Voltage, Heated Build Platform: 110VAC.
  • Operating Temperature: 60-99°F (15-37°C).
  • Operating Humidity: 5-95%
  • Storage Humidity: 5-95%
  • Storage Temperature: 32-99°F (0-37°C).
  • Operating Noise: 40-70 dB.

Power Consumption:

  • Idle: 12W.
  • Printing without heated build platform: 70W.
  • Printing with heated build platform: 388W.
  • Maximum power consumption: 400W.

Overall Machine Dimensions (Width, Height, Depth):

  • Without Spool Holder: 18.35 x 22.51 x 18.05 in (765.75 x 571.80 x 458.67mm).
  • With Spool Holder: 18.35 x 31.55 x 18.05 in (765.75 x 801.48 x 458.67mm).
  • Shipping Box Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 29 in (609.6 x 609.6 x 736.6mm).
  • Shipping Weight (with no other orders included): 50 lbs (15.87kg).


Watch more videos here

Type A 3d printer


free shipping
Technical Specifications
Print size ( X Y Z ) 305 x 305 x 305 mm
The Layer Thickness 0.05 mm
Layer Resolution 50 to 300 microns
Filament Compatibility PLA, Flex, Wood and more!
Filament Diameter 1.75 mm
Nozzle Diameter 0.4mm
Print Speed 120 mm/sec
Print Plate (Build Platform) Heatbed
Power Requirements 400 W
Connectivity (Interface) USD
3D printing Software Cura
CAD Input data file format supported STL, OBJ, AMF
Client Operating System Windows 8/7/Vista, Mac OS X 10.6+, 32/64-bit Ubuntu 12.04+
Machine Dimensions 765.75 x 571.80 x 458.67mm
Machine weight 12 Kg
Shipping box weight 15 Kg
Lead time 2 Business days
Shipping Location USA
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year
| 7 reviews
This is one of the most rugged, durable, and high-functioning machines I have used. If you have long prints (and you will with this high-volume machine) this thing never misses a beat. Customer support is responsive and helpful, and their year-long warranty is stood fully behind. Love the machine so much we bought two!
| 7 reviews
After a year of research, many hours of youtube video and countless phone calls for consultation, I purchased this 3D printer. This machine is running constantly an making high quality excellent prints. Anyone using this machine must know what he/she is doing. This is not a brainless machine, however it is a workhorse and will not let the knowledgeable user down. It does not have a heated bed, and a heated bed is indeed very important. There are many options to apply an in expensive 3rd party heater, this is where the knowledge part is important. A heater can cost as little as $5-10. A small price to pay for such a sturdy, reliable machine. Mother boards are very accessible and the extrruder is top notch and also very simple to remove and dissect if necessary. After comparing things like the quality of print (50 micron resolution!!!) and the print size, 300X300X300 is exceptional. If you need a great printer for half the price of its closest competitor, this is the only choice!!!
| 7 reviews
<p>Rounding up a 4.5 star review based on the quality of interactions with the company behind this printer (it's very nice to find a company that listens to feedback and makes non-trivial changes based on customer input). I've used about a half dozen 3D printers including mostly big-name brands. The setup for my 2014 Series 1 printer was the simplest/quickest (and they've recently improved the unpacking/setup docs). Prints have been much easier since a Type A version of Cura was released.</p> <p>I had the cable problem noted in other reviews and found the company quick to send a replacement. No installation instructions were included but if you're able to run a 3D printer, you likely know enough about electronics to be able to guess your way through the process. So far, the updated cable has worked perfectly.</p> <p>My initial prints in PLA tended to lift/curl slightly on wider prints while using glue sticks or blue tape. I recently picked up a small bottle of Wolfbite Nano...sticking is no longer a problem! I have another large format 3D printer that has a heated bed and curling can still happen there....going to try Wolfbite on that machine's bed as well.</p> <p>Also, the new 2015 Series 1 Pro includes a heated bed...so if you're buying new, buy the latest version!</p> <p>I connect via a network cable which works reasonably well. It's easy to drop a file I want to print into a browser window to upload it to the printer, then fire off the print.</p>
| 7 reviews
<p>I’ve got a Type A Machines' Series 1 3d printer about 6 months ago and have used it to print all kinds of things. All in all, a well-built printer, but the real kicker is how big the platform is. You can print things up to a cubic foot, 12” by 12” by 12” which is so much bigger than what pretty much every one else’s printer can do.</p> <p>I haven’t had a print jam since I got it and I’ve even used some of the weird materials like their copper filament. I did have the cable to the print head fail, which seems to be a common problem, but even with that it’s been more reliable than other printers my friends and I have.</p> <p>Their support was fantastic and really friendly and sent the new under warranty cable right away. You have to take the whole package to really judge a 3d printer. I’d rather have a fantastic printer with a bad cable and great support than pretty much anything other than a better cable.</p> <p>All printers take some skill and attention to run. The Series 1 is good if you don’t want a build a kit, just start printing and who want to print big things, which is pretty cool.and if you want to print in cool metals and stretchy PLA.</p>
| 7 reviews
I researched printers for a very long time before going with this machine. I wanted the enormous print volume this printer provides. I was alarmed by the 1 star reviews but trusted my gut that this was the machine I wanted. I am so glad I ignored those 1 star reviews. I have not had a single issue with my printer. It was easy to setup and has been a piece of cake to use. Make sure you use Cura created for the Type A machine to create you gcode. It is much better than KISSlicer. Also I found that tape is much easier to use than the glue stick.

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