Ultimaker 2 Extended 3D Printer

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5 reviews   Rating: 5/5.
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Ultimaker 2 Extended - Think Large Print Big

Bigger in every way, the Ultimaker 2 Extended gives you all the space you need to print larger, more complex objects. And with its jaw-dropping speed, reliability and 20 micron definition, every print measures up to expectation.

Lead Time: 2 Business days. Shipping from USA

Ultimaker 2 Extended


Easy nozzle exchange:

Simply screw them in and out in a matter of seconds and you’re ready to print.

Detailed 3D prints:

Create smaller, smoother and more detailed 3D prints using the 0.25mm nozzle.

High speed:

For a faster print screw in a 0.80mm nozzle and you’re good to go.

Ultimaker 2 Extended


Huge On Volume. Big On Quality

Even with more space for complex 3D prints, there’s no loss of quality. The lightweight print head brings your design to life with an accuracy of 20 microns. Overhangs and bridging are easily handled too, thanks to the dual fan print head. The radial scroll wheel lets you adjust heat even whilst it’s printing. And it will reliably print multiple large prints again and again.

Ultimaker 2 Extended


Global Service & Support

When you buy any Ultimaker you get more than just a world-class 3D printer. You get the industry-leading support that comes with it. Whatever support you need, there’s always help on hand.


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Technical Specifications
Print size ( X Y Z ) 223 x 223 x 305 mm
The Layer Thickness 0.04 mm to 0.2 mm
Layer Resolution 20 microns
Filament Compatibility PLA, ABS and CPE
Filament Diameter 2.85 mm
Nozzle Diameter 0.4 mm
Print Speed 30 to 300 mm/sec
Print Plate (Build Platform) Heated bed (50° - 100° C)
Power Requirements 50 to 60 HZ, 221 Watt Max
Connectivity (Interface) Stand-alone SD card printing
3D printing Software Cura
CAD Input data file format supported STL / OBJ / DAE / AMF
Client Operating System Windows / Mac / Linux
Machine Dimensions 357 x 342 x 488 mm
Shipping box dimensions 400 x 400 x 650 mm
Machine weight 12 Kg
Shipping box weight 21 Kg
Lead time 2 Business days
Shipping Location USA
Manufacturer Warranty 12 Months (Excluding the hotend)
| 5 reviews
<p>Based off the successful Ultimaker 2, the extended version continues the legacy of great build quality while adding additional space. With the extended, I have been able to print 1-foot long pieces without having to glue separate pieces together. I've only had the printer for a couple of weeks but I've already put it through 150+ hours and it's running like a champ.</p> <p>Because 3D printing is still emerging technology, every printer (including the Ultimaker 2: Extended) is going to have its issues. However, often these issues just require proper troubleshooting to fix. With proper maintenance and proper settings, the Ultimaker 2: Extended will reliably complete your prints. For people both new and old to 3D printing, the easiest way to learn how to use and maintain the printer will be through Ultimaker's online community. The people there are friendly and know a lot more about this machine than I ever will.</p> <p>Compared to many of the other 3D printers out in the market, the Ultimaker 2: Extended is more on the "plug-and-play" side. While this may not necessarily mean that your prints will always be 100% perfect simply by plugging the printer in, you should be able to obtain high quality prints with minimal calibration and setup.</p> <p>In terms of software, you can download a free slicing software called Cura off the Ultimaker website. I have had issues with the newest version and there are clearly some bugs that need to be fixed, but as it is an experimental version, I can understand the volatility. I have reverted to an older version of Cura and haven't had as many problems with the software since.</p> <p>Overall, this machine is both aesthetically pleasing and does what it was made to do. It runs quietly and prints come out well. The "iPod-esque" turn wheel on my machine isn't the greatest, but it doesn't affect the prints in the slightest. If you're researching various 3D printers, I would definitely suggest the Ultimaker 2: Extended as a front runner, especially if you need the larger build volume.</p>
| 5 reviews
<p>I researched four months then agonized four days before biting the bullet and getting one of the most expensive 3d printers. As you can see from my progress pics it took me for attempts to get everything dialed in. Now, I start the printer and walk away or go to sleep and not think twice about a bad print! </p> <p>Level the bed, then do it the more times while printing something wide. Print the filament guides like the ones I show in my pics to help guide the arc of the filament into the extruder. Set your extruder, which is threaded counter clockwise, to the lowest tension (the upper most line when looking at the nylon indicator). Get a 3d spatula, it works! These are just a few techniques I've learned. </p> <p>The roll that comes with it is junk, it bound up on me and unraveled itself, which made printing that roll tedious. I bought a roll of black PLA from matter hackers and that roll is perfect! </p> <p>Now, this thing is fire, and chill! Perfection! Amazing! If you are looking for a 3d printer that works perfect out of the box, THERE IS NO SUCH THING. But this is just about there, I spent the first free role tweeking and now it runs like a champ! </p>
| 5 reviews
<p>I've been using the printer in my classroom since October 2014. I've been mostly pleased with the machine. </p> <p>I have had issues with the feeder, but only when material is being loaded or when the spool is almost empty. The feeder doesn't grip the filament enough, so the filament gets chewed up and won't advance up the tube. I just listen to the feeder, and if it makes noises, I back the filament out, chop off the chewed up part, and reload.</p> <p>The other issue concerns extruder head temperatures. When using ABS filament, I manually set the temperature for 255-260 degrees and start the print. I then turn the heat down after 5-6 minutes to 235 degrees. I toyed with other temperatures, but this works the best.</p> <p>A final note. Sagging will occur if there's too much overhang. Design your part accordingly. You may also want to create your own supports in the drawing program, rather than letting the software decide for you.</p> <p>I have high school students running the machine, so that should give you some idea as to how well it works, and how little time is spent on having to fix anything.</p>
| 5 reviews
I pre-ordered my ultimaker 2 extended directly from ultimaker. I love it! I use it almost every day. I haven't even fully taken advantage of the full build volume yet. I did teo months worth of research before buying. This was hands down the most recommended printer out there. I understand why. I've used it a lot and have had few problems. The few i had were probably my fault. Okay. They were definitely my fault.
| 5 reviews
I bought one ultimate 2. It stopped working on the 5th day after arrival. One day after contacting the technical support, I was provided with instructions to remove the clogged filament. It is quite easy to fix the jam problem comparing to other 3D printers I have used. So far, it is working well.

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Ultimaker 2 Extended 3D Printer
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