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such a nice small easy too use machine.. right out of the box. I have professional experience in 3D .. ...»
Jeff J
Not as simple to use as an ink printer but very simple. This is my first 3d printer and I was able t.. ...»
Just got my first 3D printer, and wanted to try something pretty established. No regrets with this o.. ...»
Nikhil Nicholas
A week in and this thing has been going strong. I have been printing almost around the clock and I a.. ...»
I was initially skeptical to buy this printer due to the polarized reviews that it got. How.. ...»
A. A. Hazmi
This was my first 3d printer and i like it alot. It was super easy to get the hang of and s.. ...»
D. Hofstetter
Very good value. A few software hiccups to work through. Very good for your first 3D printer. Nice p.. ...»
Erik J. Boese
Great product, I had it for about 4 months and work almost all day all the days, I already printed o.. ...»
Adam Johnson
I cannot say enough good things about this printer. I have been using.. ...»
It sucks, it broke twice before the 30 day return was up so I returned it! I would not recommend thi.. ...»
Courtney Steuber



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