UP Box - Flagship Model 3D Printer

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UP Box - Flagship Model 3D Printer

The flagship model in the UP series of 3D printers has the largest build volume of 255x205x205mm, has better resolution at 100 micron layer thickness, prints 30% faster than UP Plus 2, and is fitted with an integrated leveling probe, air filter and LED light bar. Designed for offices, studios, workshops, hackerspaces etc., UP BOX is your first choice for a professional desktop 3D printer.

Lead Time: 5 days.

UP Box 3d printer
UP Box 3d printer
UP Box 3d printer


Large Build Volume

UP BOX provides a build volume of 255x205x205mm (WxHxD) for extra large print jobs. Its large print platform enables small batch 3D printing productions to be carried out with unprecedented efficiency.

Fully Automated Platform Calibration

A motorized probe is integrated into the printer for true automatic platform leveling and nozzle height detection. No human intervention is required during printer calibration, providing a seamless 3D printing experience.

Faster Printing with Higher Precision

At the same print quality, UP BOX prints 30% faster than UP Plus 2. Moreover it prints at a 100 micron layer height which gives the best resolution in the UP series.

Enclosed Printing Environment with New ABS Print Surface

The enclosed build chamber maximizes temperature stability, combined with a novel ABS print surface to enhance adhesion. The result is minimum warping when printing large objects.

Quiet Operation and Air Filtration

UP BOX produces very little noise. With a built-in air filter that absorbs fumes and minimizes odor, you will feel comfortable working with it in the same room, on the same desk.

Smart Support Technology

Industrial leading support generation algorithm produces easily removable support structures and improves print quality. This advanced technology allows difficult and complex designs to be printed with ease.

Powerful But Easy To Use Software

UP software is simple to use, feature rich, fast and free. It’s easy enough for rookies and versatile enough for gurus.


Technical Specifications

Printing Technology Melted Extrusion Manufacturing(MEM)
Build Volume 255 x 205 x 205 mm / 10 x 8 x 8 in
Print Head Single, modular, for easy installation
Layer Thickness .10mm, .15mm, 0.20mm, 0.25mm, 0.30mm, 0.35mm, 0.40mm
Supporting Structure Smart Support Technology:automatically generated, easy to remove and fine-tunable.
Platform Leveling Full automatic leveling with integrated leveling probe.
Print Surface Heated, ABS Surface
Untethered Printing Can disconnect USB after sending print job to printer.
Average Operational Noise 51.7 dB
Advanced Features Air Filtration, Light-Pulse functional LED.
Bundled Software UP Software • 3D files for printable spare parts
Compatible Formats STL,UP3,UPP
Connectivity USB
Operating System Win XP/Vista/7/8,Mac OS
Included In Box
Accessories USB Cable • 1 spare nozzle • Nozzle wrench • Perf board (x 4) • Tools (scraper, clippers, utility knife, hex keys) • Heat resistant gloves • Quick Start Guide (Full manual is available for download)
Filament 1 500g Spool of ABS White Filament
Power Adapter 110-240VAC,50-60 Hz,220W
Chassis Plastic case with metal frame, enclosed.
Weight 20KG / 44LB
Dimensions 485(W) x 520(H) x 495(D)mm



Watch more videos here.

Technical Specifications
Print size ( X Y Z ) 255 x 205 x 205 mm
The Layer Thickness 0.1 to 0.4 mm
Layer Resolution 100 microns
Chassis Metal,enclosed
Filament Compatibility ABS & PLA
Print Plate (Build Platform) Heated, ABS Surface
No.of Extruders One
Print Head/Hotend/Nozzle Type Single, modular, for easy installation
Power Requirements 110-240VAC,50-60 Hz,220W
Connectivity (Interface) USB
3D printing Software UP Software • 3D files for printable spare parts
CAD Input data file format supported STL,UP3,UPP
Client Operating System Windows/MAC
Machine weight 20 Kg
Shipping box weight 27 Kg
Lead time 5 days
Shipping Location USA
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year
| 5 reviews
such a nice small easy too use machine.. right out of the box. I have professional experience in 3D printing with commercial machines and the quality on this machine is impressive for its cost. The start up guide is terrible but the software is relatively easy to figure out. I had purchased another inexpensive machine (Da Vinci) and while it was a very nicely constructed machine, the quality was unacceptable.
| 5 reviews
Not as simple to use as an ink printer but very simple. This is my first 3d printer and I was able to get it running in just an hour or so by following the PDF manual from the website. I'm using it with a mac and have experienced no problems with the software either.
| 5 reviews
Just got my first 3D printer, and wanted to try something pretty established. No regrets with this one. Was printing out of the box within 5 minutes. Setup, choose design, and good to go. Effortless setup and the video on youtube was excellent in giving a brief rundown of the overall process.Prints came out excellent and the initial gag was the head positioning above the platform. Otherwise, all was good and I am sold on this. No regrets!
| 5 reviews
Very good value. A few software hiccups to work through. Very good for your first 3D printer. Nice prints.
| 5 reviews
We received the unit, however it was missing the accessory pieces (printer head, a piece of the power unit, etc.) and without these piece we couldn't operate it. The manufacturer website was not very clear on who to contact for assistance. after waiting 24 hours for an email response, we made the decision to go ahead and return it through 3dprintersonlinestore. Someone did respond back (4 hours after we returned it). Obviously this is an isolated incident but we will probably not purchase from this company again and look at Makerbot or Flashforge printers.

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UP Box - Flagship Model 3D Printer
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