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Amazed to see the large print. My kids are wondering how did I took the prints.. Great print, easy t.. ...»
Andrew Russel
I am very satisfied with Wanhao D5 3d printer. Highly recommended for small business. <p>B.. ...»
I love this wanhao large 3d printer. I have zero experience with 3d printing and i got a good print .. ...»
Ronen .s.
I got this as a Christmas present and I'm very happy with it. The speed of printing is good and the .. ...»
Looked at 3d printers for a year and finally decided on wanhao D5 because of the name brand. Very ea.. ...»
I have a friend who has one of these. They are amazing machines for sure! The more people who buy th.. ...»
Bought the black Wanhao 3d printer D4S. Everything worked fine and I'm happy with the price I paid &.. ...»
I am amazed at both the price and quality of this 3d printer. I own a small fleet of cars and someti.. ...»
Valerii Demianchuk
It’s as simple as can be. I do not have to try and figure out what to do and printing from my comput.. ...»
Michael Liebhart
I've put over 1,000 hours on my Makerbot Repicator 2X and needed a second machine to take some of th.. ...»
Tasha N. Stratton



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Bond Robots with a combin

Thanks to the innovation and convenience of web based communication through email, text messages ...

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‘Pebble Time’ 3D Printabl Date posted - 26/02/2015

‘Pebble Time’ 3D Printabl

The new model of pebble time raised almost 5 million dollar in the initial six hours of the annou...

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Australians make the worl Date posted - 26/02/2015

Australians make the worl

If you were under the impression that the whole of Australia is busy watching and cheering their ...

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