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A fully assembled machine! What else can an unprofessional like me ask for? When the printer arrived.. ...»
I was not happy with the printer when it arrived. I ordered it for my wife and I was very disappoint.. ...»
The printer arrived on time and was nicely packed. I had no idea that it is a fully assembled machin.. ...»
5 stars! The printer is really amazing and the best 3D printer which I have ever owned. The build pl.. ...»
Not a very good printer. It got delivered 6 months ago and since then it is giving me trouble. The.. ...»
The printer arrived on time. I assembled it quickly and with the help of manual understood its funct.. ...»
A printer which is fun to use and very easy to operate. My teenage daughter uses the printer for her.. ...»
As I am a newbie so I ordered the printer because it is a fully assembled machine. The printer was r.. ...»
The noisiest printer I have ever had! I already have 2 3D printers but they do not make as much nois.. ...»
I ordered the printer for my daughter who is very creative and has recently joined lots of societies.. ...»



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Wanhao i3 Fully Assembled - Steel Frame - Version V2.1
Based on 102 reviews. (102 reviews)
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Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus - Steel Frame
Based on 28 reviews. (28 reviews)
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