3D Printing and Easy Cheese Canister in a Deadly Affair

We keep referring to 3d printing as a disruptive technology; its use’s and applications are almost as vivid as the imagination of mad men using it. So when Andrew Maxwell-Parishdecided to something with a 3d printer, he hacked it to make 3d printing Cheese factory. Yes!! You heard us right; he made a 3d printer that uses the Easy Cheese aerosol canister as raw material to make predefined structures. The 3d printer works on the principals of an FDM printer, working on X, Y and Z axis. However, instead of using a heated nozzle or a pressurized pump to extrude raw material (which can become really messy as it needs to be refilled), he smartly used the pressure inside the aerosol canister to ooze the cheese. The printer has a custom made arm-like mechanism, which was also made using a 3d printer; it pulls the white nozzle of the Easy Cheese canister making the golden yellow Cheese flow. The Building bed is made out of aluminum for its nonstick properties.

3d printing and easy cheese canister in a deadly affair

The Cheese 3d printer may not be a perfect machine right now, but we are certain that this is just a proof of concept design and with time the developer would certainly master the art of cheese printing. The designer of this incredible Easy Cheese 3d printer - Andrew Maxfield-Parish is a mechanical engineer by profession and a compulsive tinker at heart. He manages, Hybrid Lab at California College of the Arts, a makers community space open for all students in the Oakland area. He also holds workshops teaching students the skills required to solder and work with Arduino’s and Sensors. He is also credited with making High Five Camera and Automated Jump Shot Camera. His website’s about me page says “My focus in school was product design, renewable energy, and control systems. Frustrated by the lack of building anything tangible in my engineering classes, I spent my free time during college teaching myself electronics and programming through various interactive projects.”

3d printing and easy cheese canister in a deadly affair

Andrew Maxwell-Parish has not just hacked a 3d printer; he has also opened a different concept of supplying raw material to Food 3d printers. His experiment will certainly make companies redesign and experiment more with such pressurizes canister based extrusion system as these do not need refrigeration and they can be handled a lot easier than raw food materials. I am personally not too inclined to see my food being made by Robots and machines, but then who can hold the future at ransom.

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