3D Printing Dinosaurs for Australian Based Museum

18 Dec

3D Printing Dinosaurs for Australian Based Museum

Dinosaurs undoubtedly are different group of creatures on the clade Dinosauria. They lived 231 million ago and exist for 131 million years. We have seen many dinosaurs movie in past years and were very scary and always portrayed in negative roles because of cruel activities for living.

3D Printing Dinosaurs Australia

You might think what is the need of little introduction about dinosaur, and what is the link between 3d printing. Here’s what the link is about a group of people from a company, “Deep in the heart art foundry” has involved in making of dinosaurs for “Australian Age of Dinosaurs” museum.

Australian based museum has given this project to texas based company since they are familiar in the creations of statue, monuments and many more. They have planned to make some 11 different dinosaurs that will then be casted bronze for keeping it in museum which will take minimum of 5 to 6 months.

3D Printed Dinosaurs

Starting from 3 feet they might end up to 18 feet using mega printers, The 3d printing process is helping the team a lot by saving a lot of time and production cost as well in the making of the last bronze cast statues. The addictive technology is been very useful for many architects as well the museums in order to create treasures as physical projects at very less cost.

Both the museum as well the makers of dinosaurs are well keen and interested to see the final result that can be kept for exhibition.

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3D Printing Dinosaurs for Australian Based Museum
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