3d printing is in Space and now to the Moon

06 Feb

3d printing is in Space and now to the Moon

3D printing has reached from sea to space and now researchers have planned, taking 3d printing to the moon. This is will be a another milestone in additive manufacturing technology. A team of scientist, engineers and private sector owners have participated in Google’s Lunar XPrize contest of bringing low-cost commercial space exploration.

Robocar Asimov

This team wanted to make a robotic rover similar to the one which was sent to space, but this time around researchers and engineers wanted to make it at a very affordable cost. Naming the dream project as Asimov a rover that can compete the Curiosity rover. As they won the cash prize of $750,000 competing in Googles’s Lunar XPrize mainly for Mobility and Imaging, they focused on making versatility was centered around making a robotic rover that had the capacity to explore the Moon's harsh territory, the imaging class was centered around cam outline and the capacity to acquire the High-Definition feature and stills of the Moon's surface to be sent once more to earth.

The Curiosity rover was successfully launched, it cost around 2.5 billion. So the researchers are desperate to complete the project Asimov under the cost of $500,000, they are collaborating with Citim of USA and SLM Solutions of Germany to use 3d printed parts. In order to move in moon rough surface, they need very strong wheels for which they decided to get 3d printed wheels from both Citim and SLM solutions and obviously it reduces the cost production for wheels since we all knew how 3d printing is affordable compared to other technologies.

3d printed wheels

To create camera they used Laser Melting 3D printing technology so that the camera can remain strong and adapt to the climate changes over there in the moon and more importantly should survive rocket launch till it reach the moon. The camera comprises of three CMOSIS Cmv4000-R2 sensors and three Schneider-Kreuznach lenses, two cameras will be used for capturing 3d views while other camera for taking scientific images. All these three cameras are fitted into a single 3d printed part.

Here’s the link forPTS final series of Milestone Tests on Tenerife

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3d printing is in Space and now to the Moon
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