3D Printing Provides New Dimension To Inverter Design

24 Oct

3D Printing Provides New Dimension To Inverter Design

Nothing is impossible with 3d printer scientist from Oak Ridge National Laboratory has finally invented power inverter for vehicles to increase its power, condition and quality. Using 3d printing even complex and difficult parts design can be get into a real object without too much expense and CNC machines and this is why many industries have been trying 3d printers.

3d printed invertor

Oak Ridge National Laboratory mainly used this 3d printer for the purpose of less cost and to get complex object.

“With additive manufacturing, complexity is basically free, so any shape or grouping of shapes can be imagined and modeled for performance,” Chinthavali said. “We’re very excited about where we see this research headed.”

3d print allowed scientist to do the research on inverter’s heat sink that enables the inverter’s to exchange the high temperature all over the parts and thus it reduces the extra weight of the unit as well the electric loss.

Since the test of using 3d printing technology was success they now doing the research to create invertors with full of 3d printed parts, since the 3D parts successfully exchanging the electric perfectly and thus making the capacitors engaged to ensuring the cooling. Researchers now decided to go for complete 3d printing inverters.

Addictive manufacturing has being the most dominant technology that has ensured to utilize by all manufactures. The one only concern about the 3d printers is the time it takes to deliver as well the mass production.

Image Credit:ORNL

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3D Printing Provides New Dimension To Inverter Design
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