3D Printing Repair Café at Berlin is more about accessibility

Accessibility is one of the significant principles of the 3D printing and maker community, that everyone can have the access to the 3D printing technology, 3D printer, 3D files and 3D modelling software etc. and become a maker himself. While there are platforms like Thingiverse where they can have free access to 3D softwares like Meshmixer, and also affordable printer at just $300, wich has lead to far more grown accessibility. Also there are many universities and schools equipped with the latest technology provide students to enhance their learning process , develop and research in their respective fields. One addition to such universities is the Technical University of Berlin (TU) they took a leap ahead and and made the technology more accessible and has come up with the student run cafe named as "3D Printing Repair Cafe." The cafe is located at TU’s Charlottenburg Campus.

The 3D Printing Repair Café had it inauguration on 27th April 2016, will be providing all student and other 3D printer users a space where they can tinker with the 3D printing technology, like proving them with a spare bicycle part, a model of their desires design that they are making or it eva in might just be a custom gift. The entire cafe space is equipped with Ultimaker brand 3D printers and was launched in association by the Society of Friends of TU Berlin. It also funded for the 3D Printing Repair Cafe's first printed and other tools required etc.

3D Printing Repair Café

The place will be giving studns access to the latest 3D printers and will also help to encourage the young makers community while offering them a number of workshops which according to them will bring up the exchange of new, unique and interdisciplinary ideas. The workshop will be more informative about the making of the DIY 3D printers, on the other hand will give more access to the 3D printers a that will help them become more familiar with the machines and other hand tools. The informative seminars and workshop events will be carried throughout the 2016 summer semester and will cover topics like sustainable inventions and economies, sharing economy, and open hardware and open source technologies and information.

Apart from the Society of Friends of TU Berlin the csrufent run cafe is also being funded by “honesty box”. Honesty box covers the cost of the material, donations, grants and sponsorships. Further to make the environment of the Cafe more sustainable and environment friendly the organizers are planning on completely using the recyclable cartridges and eco-friendly friendly filaments materials.

3D Printing Repair Café

For those far off from erlin but are still interested in the concept of 3D printing cafe can always read about the innovative project online as it is worth it as it provides a model for an innovative and creative space that could be applied at any university. The amazing concept of the Cafe is one of its kind, and we hope to soon see many such initiatives that let's young makers explore the world of 3D printing. Ans it also opens new opportunities for career options for those who are interested in 3D printing technology.

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