3d printing singing and dancing robot with RoboGuts

Have you ever wanted to build a robot but felt it was too difficult?Have you ever wanted to build a robot but felt it was too expensive?

This is why the RoboGuts™ circuit board was born.This is why the 3D Printable robot parts were designed.This is why the eBooks are written.


Roboguts is an easy to make 3D printed robot kit developed by Walt Perko from Las Vegas; He worked all his life as a mainframes and PC computer network engineer. But then somewhere around 2006 he realized that small children needed something better than online gaming with all the hazards that come with online gaming ... so he began development of educational robot toys for kids.


Roboguts, is a complete kit that includes circuit board, eBooks, Program Listings and 3D .STL Printer Files that helps beginner and Intermediate Roboteers make a singing and dancing robot with no technical knowhow in less than a day. The aim of the kit to make robotic enthusiasts learn how to control the robot and program it to speak in their own voice and learn to sing songs. Roboguts circuit and ebook takes the fuss of making a robot out of the equation and focus on the customization part.


The Kit also includes STL files to 3d print the external frame and the moving parts of the robot. The developer talks about this on the kickstarted campaign page and said “You don't need to know anything about mechanics; All the part designs are for 3D plastic printing. Everything should fit together well so all you do is assemble the parts and install the components so the robot looks like the picture. This is why the robot designs for the book are kept very simple ... so you just build and not spend a lot of time trying to figure something out. You might take a little time out to paint your robot parts to look more interesting.”


Walt Perko, is pretty humble when he says that his Roboguts is not unique when compared to all the other DIY Robot kits. As a matter of fact it stands apart from all the commercially available kits as the RoboGuts™ circuit board is the smallest of them all and the freedom to customize the robot with 3d printed parts gives it an upper hand.


I am sure many would be interested in getting their hands on the Roboguts, the developer only plans make just 500 units and decide the fate of the robo kit based on the demand generated on the Kickstater campaign. You can lay your hands on the complete kit by investing just $35 which gives you RoboGuts™ circuit board and all the current eBooks in .PDF format along with a .zip file of all the program listings in all the eBooks plus all the 3D printer files for the projects in your eBooks.


Source: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2015129836/robogutstm

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