3D Printing technology in Australian schools

18 Apr

3D Printing technology in Australian schools

3D printers are extremely useful for engineers, medical researchers, hobbyist and mainly students. Recently, many students around the globe are coming with extraordinary 3d prints, especially a 15-years old boy has created 3d printed robot that can quite easily lift things. In future all the students will have a basic practical knowledge about 3d printing and chances are high for Australia to become the first country to educate 3d printing among students all over the country.

3d printing among students

Datacom, Makers Empire, and 3D Printing Systems have tied-up to offer 3d printing software solutions and hardware to all schools in Australia. Datacom is one the largest and popular company in design, build and providing solutions for business process. With their extensive knowledge and experience they tied up with Makers Empire who developed 3d printing softwares specially for primary and middle schools for easy access.

Makers Empire

Makers Empire 3d printing software has widely reached in many schools worldwide, especially among, USA, Australia, New Zealand. They now have decided to expand and stretch their software in all schools around Australia with the help of Datacom.

And 3d printing systems offer hardware for 3d printing in around Australia for four years now and being distributor of the UP brand 3d printers, has collaborated with Datacom and Makers Empire. It means Datacom will be the official seller, promoter, distributor for both 3d printing systems and makers empire.

3d printing in schools

Three different companies have come together to take 3d printing technology among all schools in Australia. Eagerly waiting to see more creations by students from Australia.

Image Source:Makers Empire

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3D Printing technology in Australian schools
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