3D Printing To Produce Human Organs For Transplant Patients

02 Mar

3D Printing To Produce Human Organs For Transplant Patients

3d printer is ready to make another huge impact in the medical field, as we all know many people around the world has been dying due to lack of blood and organs, we would have saved millions of people in the past, if we had enough organs and blood, but things are changing, soon we will be having sufficient organs for transplant and it is possible only through 3d printing. Wondering how 3d printer will make more people to donate organs? Obviously it can’t convince people to donate organs, but it can print organs! Yes Doctor Anthony Atala director of the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine and a world-renowned expert in the field, told in detail about producing organs through 3d printing in an interview.


Doctor aim is to produce organs using patients own cells through 3d printing which will deliver the organs accurately with the exact measurements. As his team has managed to make bladders, urine tubes, vaginas, skin and cartilage with normal engineering process their next move is to apply 3d printing technology for more precise and moreover to reproduce the organs.

Inorder to 3d print organs, doctors need the biopsy of a patient’s organ. From biopsy, regenerative cells will be separated and kept alive by providing nutrients and oxygen, this mixture of process is named as “printer cartridge”. Finally this printer cartridge will then be printed as organ. Although they are facing some challenges and obstacles, team is high in confident of making organs using 3d printer. The real challenge now is to print heart, lungs, kidney, and liver since it requires a whole lot of different cells active together and functioning normally along with body. As they have already managed to produce skin, urine tubes and blood vessel it’s not too far for researchers to find a way of make it happen

In recent time the word ‘bioprinting’ has been declared as a word officially. Will bioprinting is the next revolution in medical industry. It will be a milestone, if 3d printed organs can be transplant into humans. We just have to wait and see.

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3D Printing To Produce Human Organs For Transplant Patients
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