3D prints in Mercedes S-Class

26 Aug

3D prints in Mercedes S-Class

The Mercedes leading car company has revealed last year its concept of bringing the unique car using 3d printed parts launching next year 2015. For its upcoming gen 2018 S-Class, Mercedes has decided to release it's considering of adding 3d prints, not just only with the idea versions however for remaining manufacturing regarding inner surface trim pieces.

Mercedes Benz

S-Class is Mercedes is the best in many ways, a highly modern creative brand of cars and along with the firm options in order to expose many Hi-Tech enhancements for instance body language handles, light in weight one-piece seats along with one-piece air vents. The business is thinking about applying 3d printing in order to create many of these as it right now looks at the idea potentially financially workable answers.

Chief Interior designer Jan Kaul told, "this implies three dimensional making will be used for the actual one-piece atmosphere grills in addition to with regard to various other complex information just like the speaker grilles, making these stronger, brighter and also quicker to production. “It is often a definite likelihood,” Kaul thought to Auto express, “We have to be making many these parts to be sure the high quality and also cost is usually viable”.

Mercedes Benz class 3d row seat

The decision to include the 3d printing parts in Mercedes car is depend upon the production cost and the quantity of production they can deliver via 3d printer, Mercedes is one of largest selling car company which sells more than 1000 per year and the interesting part it has made to include 3d printing parts in their luxurious car is a warm welcoming for 3d printing..

Image Source:Mercedes Benz

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3D prints in Mercedes S-Class
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