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I bought this to get into 3D scanning and understand how it works. I have several CNC machines and 3.. ...»
Easy to use open source DIY 3d scanning kit. The scanner was delivered .. ...»
Eric Wallace
With right lighting, He 3D Ciclop delivers scans that are as great as professional scanners.. ...»
Mary Washington
I ordered the scanner a month ago, the product was delivered quick and cam with most of the parts. T.. ...»
Emily Woodcock
I am a gadget lover and this 3D scanner was exactly what I was looking for past three month.. ...»
Elena Yurieva
The kit came in very fast. Assembly was eazy except for unsoldered leads to one of the lazers. Glad .. ...»
Robert Campbell
I love He 3D Ciclop scanner for its impressive way of figuring the scan angles.  T.. ...»
Bob Patron
I like He 3D Ciclop for its impressive software. I bought this scanner 2 months before although it a.. ...»
Patrison Rob
Powerful piece of equipment for 3D Scanning ...»
When I bought this scanner most of the parts were 3d printed and fitting them together was .. ...»
Oscar Jones

He 3D

He 3D

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