3dprintersonlinestore now sells BQ 3d printers and scanners

06 Jul

3dprintersonlinestore now sells BQ 3d printers and scanners

3DPrinteronlinestore, one of the leading online stores for 3D printers and accessories, we are proud to be announced as an official distributor for a Spanish company called BQ. BQ manufactures technology products like smartphones, tablets, E-readers, 3D Printers, and 3D scanners. This partnership will allow BQ to sell their 3D printers and Scanners to a wider range of International customer and it will also help them stabilize and strengthen BQ's distribution network.

Bq Witbox 3d printer?

3DPrinteronlinestore will start selling two 3d printers that Bq makes and their Ciclop Rotational Laser Scanner. One of these Printers would be Bq Witbox 3d printer is a Large Scale Prototyping Machine and is made for industrial use. The other printer is the Bq Hephestos which is an advanced version of Prusa i3, this printer is targeted at hobbyist customers.

Bq Hephestos?

Bq’s Ciclop Rotational Laser Scanner was announced at the Tech fest at CES and utilizes laser triangulation methods and a rotating turntable, which is also 3D printed. For a price of $349 USD it is the best 3d Scanner the money could buy.

Bq Ciclop Rotational Laser Scanner?

Commenting on the new distribution agreement the CEO of 3DPrinteronlinestore said "We are delighted to be partnering with Bq for the distribution of their unique range of 3d printers and 3D scanner. With this partnership we are set to increase our presence in the 3d Printer and Scanner market. The partnership with Bq’s is the Missing piece of our 3d Printer portfolio jigsaw and its addition would help us cater to varied kind customer and their needs. BQ is a highly versatile, progressive and innovative manufacturer with a big future and so we're we are proud to be able to use our proven expertise and experience in the 3d printing Industry to help bring these virtues into focus."

Image & Video Credit: Witbox&Bq

Chris Joel (Author)

3dprintersonlinestore now sells BQ 3d printers and scanners
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