3due design contest

01 Dec

3due design contest

3Due believes in talent and in the future of 3D printing. With "Dream, Design, Deliver your office" starts a fantastic contest that challenges the skills of all creative.


You have designed a new object for the office or a functional element that can make the everyday office life more comfortable? Do you have in mind a new elegant and unique concept? Experience now the 3Due contest and win a chance to showcase your talent at La Triennale Milano, thanks to the technology showcase Tim4EXPO, result of a the partnership between TELECOM ITALIA, LA TRIENNALE AND EXPO

The focus of the competition is the development of new components and tools for the office, with an eye to biocompatibility

"Biocompatibility is determined by the use of the materials available and the 3D technology that produces with no waste and without energy waste, while the design is only made by your imagination."


The first three projects selected will have the great opportunity to be exposed at La Triennale di Milano in the prestigious technological showcase TIM4Expo, result of the partnership between TELECOM ITALIA, LA TRIENNALE AND EXPO.

Also other two projects (fourth and fifth) will be officially mentioned in the communication of the winners on 3due.com and innerdesign.com

The winning projects (the first three) will be printed by 3Due (in polyamide regardless of the material chosen during the design) so that they can be exposed in the dedicated space at La Triennale di Milano


Artists, designers, design enthusiasts, architects, makers and 3D printing enthusiasts, you just need to be 18 or older, signed up with 3Due.com and resident in Europe.


To participate, go on www.3due.com (if you have not registered yet then sign up) and follow the link "Contest". Read carefully the general rules for participation, please fill out the form and accept the terms of use and the Privacy Policy. Will not be considered valid requests sent with different method.

We remind you that in order to be accepted, projects must have the following characteristics:

  • Materials to be used for the design are:
    • Polyamide (www.3due.com/m/polyamide-en)
    • Alumide
    • Titanium
  • Unit of measure for the design: Millimetres (mm)
  • Max Volume= 600cm3
  • Width x Depth x Height = 15 X 15 X 10 cm
  • Minimum wall thickness Greater than 1 mm

For design specifications you must follow the design limits of polyamide. For specifications please follow this link:


Remember that projects that do not meet these design features will not be admitted to the contest.

Also remember that at the end of the competition all the projects received will be posted on the website (3due.com) and visible in the portfolio of its designer on the website 3Due.com. Each user later can choose to make them available for sale (for information on the amount of revenue please look at the regulations on earnings from the FAQ section or Designer’s Fee).


The contest begins 26/11/2014 at 10:00 GMT+01. The material for the participation, as indicated above, should be sent no later than the 12/01/2015 at 23:59 GMT+01, by filling in the form of participation. The selection of projects that will be exhibited will be notified by 19/01/2015 and the winners will be notified by official communication (email plus statement posted on 3Due.com and innerdesign.com). The works will be exhibited on a date yet to be determined (and still communicated through email) at the technological showcase Tim4EXPO, result of partnership between TELECOM ITALIA LA TRIENNALE AND EXPO for a day (prints will be made of polyamide, regardless of the material chosen for the design).

Selection of the winning projects will be made at the sole discretion of 3Due with expert support of Inner Design.

Source: http://www.3due.com/contest

Image Credit:3due

Chris Joel (Author)

3due design contest
Chris Joel is a writer at 3D Printers Online Store. Hailing from South London, he has a degree in English Literature. His interests include the application of 3D printing technology to art and its popularization.