55 endangered species of birds to be scanned for 3d printing

31 Mar

55 endangered species of birds to be scanned for 3d printing

The virtual 3Dprinting marketplace Threeding has recently launches another joint venture with 3D scanning company Artec 3d to promote education, scientific knowledge and preservation of rare endangered species of birds. 3Dprinting has helped humans as well as animals with its technological advancements. The latest project the team decided to scan and digitize more than 55 endangered and threatened birds. These 3D digitized models will be available to students, ornithologists, veterinarians and biologists in a 3D printer friendly format.

While browsing through the 3D printing marketplace you may find 3D printable model like the home décor, furniture, video game content, engineering tools, kitchen supplies, model files of your favorite series characters, etc. etc. where the Bulgarian 3D printing market place Threeding does not just want to supply everyday needed things. The main goal of Threeding is to capture the most rare and unique, historical and irreplaceable and preserve the endangered via 3D scanning and 3D printing technology. In order, to fulfill its requirements Artec 3D has provided some of the advanced 3D scanning solutions available in the market. Also Artec is all aware of the power of 3D scanning to help and recreate life.

Rare birds to 3d print?

The 3D ornithology project will be done with help of Artec’s high resolution Spider and EVA 3D scanners and also Artec’s Studio software to create textured and more digitized scans with high resolution.  The high resolution scan will be accurate for scanning the rare bird species. The rare birds include the Eastern Imperial Eagle, White-Tailed Eagle, Boreal Owl, Humboldt Penguin, Black-Crowned Night Heron, Long-Eared Owel, and more. Both the companies Artec and Threeding can be traced back to 2014 when they first decided to 3Dscan historical artifacts from the Central and Eastern European Museums. Also in January 2015 both the companies had collaborated again for 3Dscanning and digitizing a collection of Ancient Greek artifacts.

“It has been a privilege to work with Threeding these past few years and we’re excited to continue this partnership as the company ventures into animal preservation,” said Artyom Yukhin, president and CEO of Artec 3D. “The preservation of all animal species is of critical importance and relies heavily upon education. The portability and ease afforded to users of our handheld scanners and software suite is offering a means for students, scientists and conservationists alike to exchange information and work together in this effort.”

Rare birds to 3d print

The aim of the 3D scanning is to provide stuffed educational models from scientific facilities that can be later converted into 3D printable files. These 3D printable files will give veterinary students, biological and ornithology scents and universities rare and unprecedented physical access to the species. This will also lead to more accurate and better study of the bird without hurting lives of real birds. Apart from the prior projects of Threeding and Artec 3D that were more about preserving ancient materials, their current project emphasizes more on the prospective of saving actual  living creatures from  pointlessly killed. 

The main reasoning behind the entire project is not saving species that is endangered or becoming extinct due to human or natural causes. Rather the aim is to protect these rare and beautiful birds that are open to the threats of being hunted for researches or various other reasons. So Artec 3D and Threeding has decided to 3D scan and digitize them to prevent them from harmful killing.

These 3D scans can be printed in a 3D form stuffed, put them on display and selling of them for a personal or educational purpose without hurting their lives. The further hope is to promote these alternatives to the process of hunting and collecting real stuffed bird.  

Rare birds to 3d print

"We are extremely happy to extend our portfolio of 3D printing files to ornithology models,” said Cveta Partaleva, co-founder of Threeding. “Our aim is to make our website not only a consumer platform, but also the premier resource for educational and scientific 3D printable models.”

Threeding will be providing the collection of 3D printable birds online for free for its users in the month of April. Also free access will be given to Universities, students and organizations on request while others may be charged a fee for the 3D files. Also it plans to release many such scientific=ic and educational 3D printing projects.

Image source:3ders.org

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55 endangered species of birds to be scanned for 3d printing
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