A 3d printable robot that has moves like Micheal Jackson.

09 Mar

A 3d printable robot that has moves like Micheal Jackson.

Personally, I’m a die-hard fan of MJ, I guess very few people in the world would hate Micheal Jackson, we all once went crazy for his moonwalk and just like me everyone would have tried it once. MJ moves and steps are never easy to follow and not everyone could do it unless you are a good dancer.

A BQ company in Spanish is the manufacturer of multimedia devices such as smart phones, tablets, e-readers and more over 3d scanning, 3d printers. They have also launched two robot kits (the PrintBot Renacuajo and the PrintBot Beetle) at a very affordable price around €80 back in January which has all parts to make your own robot.

Dancing robot

Now they are planning to bring a robot with good interface and with a cool feature of dancing movements like MJ. Since the robot is completely developed using open source software and hardware, anyone who has printer can modify, redesign and develop further. Bq is planning to release in the next couple of weeks at an affordable price of below $100.

“Robotics is, above all, a means to learn. With robotics, children enhance their creativity, visual logic and social skills for teamwork,” states the company. “In a world where the mastery of new technologies will soon be essential for any citizen, this kit is the first step to achieve our goal: to revolutionize the learning process, even from the very first stage, playing.”

Certainly this robot will attract many kids with its cool moves. Check out the video of the robot moves.

Image & Video credit:Digital Trends&youtube

Chris Joel (Author)

A 3d printable robot that has moves like Micheal Jackson.
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