A 3d Printed Batman: Arkham Knight Suit !!

Batman: Arkham Knight is an upcoming action-adventure video game being developed by Rocksteady Studios and is based on the adventures of the Superhero Batman. This is the 2d game of the series, the 1st being the Arkham Origins which ended being a bestseller. The designers of the game have given batman a new armor suit as well as a new Batmobile which can be summoned at will. These additions will certainly mean that the game players would be excited to get their hands on it. However there are another set of enthusiast what would be planning to recreate the new Batman suit which he wears in the game.

3d printed batman suit

Creating such a suit would never be easy as there was no reference images available to use as a guide, the original release date of the game is set to 23rd June 2015. But it is said that ‘no good thing comes easy’, so a company called Crimson Coscrafts took up the challenge to make a 3d printed Cosplay suit that Batman wears in the game and they managed to make one of the most memorable Cosplay Costume we have ever come across.

3d printed batman suit

The Arkham Knight Suit that they created, contains a helmet, a body armor (Suit), Guns and the Handgun holster. Steve Dee of Crimson Coscrafts led the project and made the Suit design with the help of Russell Jeschke from Graphix Monster. He told us that "Russell has recently got into the world of 3D printing and started off with one of the most accurate Bane replica masks out there. He made this for his brother for a local convention and it went down a storm. We worked closely together and got as many reference pictures as possible, CONSTANTLY changing the 3D models when new material would be released on the Arkham Knight. Russell eventually hit the print button and started getting the helmet followed by the armour and then the Arkham Knights guns."

While the helmet is the biggest single printed object, the rest of the body armour is made in parts. Each of these parts need to be attached to the body suit, they also added a textured visor and LED’s to the helmet which allows a user to see through it effectively without needing to remove it.

3d printed batman suit

One all the parts were designed and 3d printed it was given the final finishing touch by Jeremy Sloan of Armory Props. Taking about the work done by Mr. Sloan, Steve Dee said "Jeremie was kind enough to create a buck for the visor so we could get the visor Vacformed similar in vain to a halo helmet. All pieces have been cast in a number of different Rubbers and Resins to get the best effect for that particular area."

3d printed batman suit

Steve also informed that they were happy with the results and look forward to work on other characters from the game, Batman: Arkham Knight, We would request them to make a Replica of the Batmobile for people, The Batman looks incomplete without his car.

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