3d printed Bee tap that revolutionize the Beekeeping industry

29 Apr

3d printed Bee tap that revolutionize the Beekeeping industry

Honey, I revolutionized the beekeeping industry… That exactly what the developers of the Flow™ Hive system are telling the world right now. It’s such a unique idea that people on indiegogo have gone berserk and has already paid $12,180,456 as project funding. The original goal of the funding was to collect $70,000USD and looking at the staggering amount of money collected I am quite certain that it’s going to go down as one of the most funded projects of all time on indiegogo.

Flow™ Hive ?

So what’s Flow™ Hive? And why are people so crazy to get their hands on it?

Flow™ Hive is a 3d printed Beehive made by a father and son duo Stuart and Cedar Anderson. The developers have been into the Beekeeping industry for a few years, and knew that bees have to work real hard to rebuild the hive with wax once the nectar has been removed from the wooden Bee hives. To add to woe of the beekeeper the process of removing the nectar from the hive was a real mess and caused of a lot of loss of the precious nectar. Beekeepers until now were reliant on a beehive which was designed way back in early 1800, and had not seen any design change until now. All these difficulties motivated the Father and son Duo to make something that was efficient and easy to use. Their efforts have certainly been fruitful as they have been successful enough to make something that eases the life of the Bees and makes Beekeepers happier.

Cedar & Stu Andeson?

Cedar Anderson described the problem in his own words ‘Many years ago I went down to one of my beehives, which I knew was a pretty wild hive. The hive was packed with bees and it was near impossible to get the honey out without squashing lots of them. I really don’t like squashing bees!’ he says. ‘The bees became grumpier and started to sting me through my bee suit. They weren't happy. I put the hive back together, squashing more bees as the lid went on and ended up running away across the field thinking…there has to be a better way!’

Talking about theFlow™ Hive he added ‘Flow is a revolutionary beehive invention, allowing you to harvest honey without opening the hive and with minimal disturbance to the bees. It’s the beekeeepers dream… We are excited to introduce our new invention that allows you to enjoy fresh honey straight out of your beehive without opening it. It’s far less stress for the bees and much, much easier for the beekeeper.’

The Bee tap created by the duo, is made out of Food Grade plastic with the help of a 3d printer. The Hive works on the principals of the wooden hives however they do not have to be broken to remove nectar. All that is needed to get the nectar out is turn a big metal handle, which increases the distance between the individual cells inside the hive releasing the nectar. Once the nectar is released, gravity does the rest of the work making it flow through the tap attached to the Beehive.

Flow™ Hive

In this process there is no need to be filtering the nectar for wax and dead bees, nor does it kill your precious workers during extraction. The process is so efficient that one of the early beta testers Michael Bush – USA Author of Beekeeping Naturally and one of USA’s most famous beekeepers said “Mind Blowing...It's not very often something is so revolutionary as to blow my mind...Saving 20% of harvest labor is not trivial, 40% is amazing, 60% is revolutionary. But 95%, that’s Mind Boggling!”

The overwhelming success at the indiegogo means the Flow™ Hive will go into production immediately, we should see the early adopters get them by December. If you have been a backer of this on indiegogo do share your views and opinions with us.

Image Credit:Beeinventive Pty.Ltd

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3d printed Bee tap that revolutionize the Beekeeping industry
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