A Dress made completely out of 3Doodler

24 Jan

A Dress made completely out of 3Doodler

For some 3d printers are machines that print stuff but for others it's an extension of their ideas, while we are never interested in the first kind we are almost certainly excited to tell you what the other kind can do. One such guy we want to talk about today is Patrick Tai.

A fashion designer by profession Patrick Tai recently graduated from the Fashion Design program at the Art Institute of Charlotte in North Carolina. Like any other new comer to the industry he also wanted to make a name for himself and was not afraid to try something new. Not having anything to lose he decided to experiment with the latest buzz words in the fashion industry - 3D Printing.


While there have seen many examples off late about big fashion houses using expensive 3D Printing technologies, but such expensive dress making technology was certainly out of reach for a new comer like Patrick Tai. So he did something no one had ever thought about, he made a complete dress out of a cheaper 3D Printing Pen. He used a 3D pen called 3 Doodler which is a simple filament extruder and to achieve this remarkable task he used a mannequin as a model to design the dress around it. The pain staking process required more than 100 man hours but the end result is truly remarkable.

The dress was originally supposed to be made entirely out of ABS plastic but during the process of making it he picked up FLEXY plastic and was impressed with the elastic nature of these kind of plastics. He said “I originally started experimenting with ABS plastic to get familiar with the 3Doodler…I accidentally purchased the new FLEXY strands and liked the flexibility of it more so most of the dress is made with FLEXY plastic and some ABS plastic at the edges for supports.”


Patrick Tai spoke to the media about the idea behind such a dress and said “My inspiration comes from geometric shapes, modern architecture, and unique textures…I feel that giving your audience the chance to feel your designs whether it’s being seen in a photo or on a runway is important.”

3Doodled dress which Patrick Tai designed came out to be so good that it inspired him to use it on different kind of garments. The designer himself acknowledged that the fully 3Doodled dress was not very comfortable to wear but using the same techniques he could make normal dresses look extraordinary.

The 3Doodled dresses are now on show at venues, including the North Carolina Fashion Association, and various local fashion shows. The response these dresses are getting are overwhelming, Patrick explains in his own words “The reactions that I have received from these 3D fashion have been nothing but positive. People have been so supportive and full of compliments, some people couldn’t believe that the pieces were created by a pen.”


It is said that Human Creativity Has No Limits and these unique 3Doodled dress are a fine examples of that. We are glad that 3d printing is helping people find new ways to express their ideas and creativity, stay tuned with us as we are always on a look out for such new and innovative uses of 3d printing and love to report it to our viewers.

Image Credit:upwards.the3doodler.com

Chris Joel (Author)

A Dress made completely out of 3Doodler
Chris Joel is a writer at 3D Printers Online Store. Hailing from South London, he has a degree in English Literature. His interests include the application of 3D printing technology to art and its popularization.