A Rocket with 3d printed components

24 Apr

A Rocket with 3d printed components

Aerospace, Is one industry that has seen the most development due to the advancement of 3d printing technology. What took ages to be designed and even longer for testing its reliability using the older methods of production, can now be tested and put into service within a few month’s time. There is no country in the world that using 3d printing as extensively as the Chinese do, so how could we keep them away from using 3d printing for Aerospace industry.

3d printed parts in rocket engine

Today we have confirmed news that, Engineers from the Institute 41 (part of the China Aerospace Science and industry Corporation) have successfully tested an engine ignition devicethat was made with the help of 3d Printing technology. While the Chinese have not made the whole Engine using 3d printing, they have managed to make a working Shell structures for the Engine. What’s notable here is that the Shell structures are an extremely important part of the Engine, as it is typically used for the ignition components in rocket engines. Development of these parts are the most time consuming and expensive.

To design this Shell structure the Engineers from Institute 41, took the help of locally developed 3D printing equipment. Once it was ready it was extensively tested for durability and reliability. To every one’s surprise the Shell structure passed the tests with flying colors. As a matter of fact the engineers were so impressed with the results that they have made plans to make full use of the advantages of 3D printing and optimize the design of the Engine ignition system further.

The Chinese media weren’t shy to boast this achievement of their engineers. Some of them pointed out that this success will encourage their scientist and engineer’s further test the use of 3d printing into production of other engine components as well.

Development of Aerospace rocket is a Cut-Throat Competition market; there are hundreds of non-government as well as government agencies trying to make the best product in the shortest period of time. We all know that one technology best equipped to reduce the time from prototyping to real product is 3d printing. This preconceived notion about 3d printing is also come true with this Chinese adventure with 3d printing.

Image Credit:CALT

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A Rocket with 3d printed components
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