A Spiderman like hand for Charlie

30 Dec

 A Spiderman like hand for Charlie

It feels so good to write about disabled kids when they get hands and legs using our 3d printing technology and this time it’s for UK born, 5 year old beautiful boy “Charlie” got a prosthetic hand and thanks a ton to 3d printing technology. We have seen many such prosthetic legs, hands for many people, but the cost of making it was huge and certainly not affordable, but this time around E-Nable team made sure to get at lower cost.

3d printed hand

This kid was born without a hand, but he never ever worried or struggled to do his routine works just like other kids. He was able to manage with one hand for these many years and always refuse to use artificial hand, but this time Charlie was convinced, Charlie mother approached E-Nable team, which has experienced engineers as well designers made a hand after getting measurements and snaps of Charlie along with web motif.

Charlie mom was telling about this wonderful kid about his confidence and positive attitude "He never used his prosthetic arm that he had when he was a baby, and he managed fine without it. He learnt to crawl and walk just like any other baby, to him it was just like a dolly's arm, He never needed anything else, he just adapted to doing things without any proper hands. He managed wonderfully well. He could feed himself and climb to the top of a climbing frame with all his friends. He can even play computer games and controls the small buttons with the end of his arm."

prosthetic hand

The E-Nable team successfully designed the arm and requested her to print the designs in home town which she printed the arm so well with red and blue in color like a spider man's hand which is a Charlie favorite super hero. He could now able to do so well, even though he was good enough without 3d printed hand.

Image & Video Credit:Rochester Institute of Technology

Chris Joel (Author)

 A Spiderman like hand for Charlie
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