A strong 3d printed crane that can lift upto 5 KG

This coverage is one fine example of how 3d printing filaments are strong enough to lift things up. There are two categories: One kind of creators has been using the 3d printers for making small toys, engineering parts such as screws, nuts and the second type of users have been using the 3d printers to its highest potential. But to be frank these people has one or more 3d printers with good experience. It’s all about experience and of course creative ideas.

3d printed crane

Engineering students from Australia have created a 3d printed crane that can lift weights up to five kg. Samuel Ashfort is a guy who always thinks about bringing new ideas into real life and he is well aware that only 3d printing technology has the ability to bring your imagination, ideas into real life physical objects. Actually, Samuel and his team members Karl, Charlie, Amanda, Chris and Rob worked together in the creation of Crane back in 2012, after a couple of years they finally had a chance to show their work to this world.

It didn’t happen to be an easy project to do. To bring out the best design Samuel repeated the process for 15 times to make it better, the final design of crane consists of 189 parts which he 3d printed using ABS plastic, and printing all those parts was never easy, it took him almost two complete weeks to print them all.

The 3d printed crane is included with few non printed parts such as threaded rod, 608 bearings. The 3d printed gear boxed includes the cast acetal gears and 2mm stainless shafting, other than those parts mentioned everything was 3d printed, and he chooses ABS over PLA just because it is too strong to lift and carry the weight.

3d printed crane

Samuel and his team actually designed this crane for a competition where it has to lift 0.5 kg at a boom angle of 70 degrees which it did with several repeated processes. He says “After the competition I fixed it and upgraded it, I remember lifting 5kg at 3m with it, though it is more brittle not due to the passage of time. I even made a 'skill tester' claw for it so you could pick up things with it. I used it for a while to play with our new kitten and it could hold his weight easy, he's grown now so it's just a cool toy in my lab until the day I can use it to teach things to my son."

3d printing is an amazing technology and has made users to create things on their own.

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