Ad campaign dedicated towards endangered species of animals

09 May

Ad campaign dedicated towards endangered  species of animals

Besides deadly issues like global warming and environmental crisis is the rapid disappearance of a wide range of species all across the world. Earlier this year the West African black rhino, which was a very thriving and widespread species was declared extinct due to poaching. Many other species like the blue whales, Asian and African elephants are also slowly disappearing and will soon come to a point if extinction. Many factors have lead to the dwindling of animal populations like the government policies, destroyed environments and poaching. There has not been enough support in saving lives of these animals and making it a priority and for sure the decreasing numbers will no sooner stop.

In-order to remind people about the importance of animals life's and the threats they face in the wild. The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) recently launched an ad campaign in collaboration with the French ad agency Young and Rubicam. The ad campaign was very engaging and grabbed many eyeballs that used 3D printing as a motif in every image. The print ads main interest is to highlight the irreversibility of the decreasing numbers of wild animals and the difficulty in restoring their lives back.

endangered  species 3D printed models?

The campaign depicts different animals in every image like the elephant, whale and orang-utan, an animal whose bodies are sanctioned into half showing the inside of their body. Slightly above the bodies of these sanctioned animals is a 3D printer print head, that in depicting to rebuild the animal layer by layer.  The 3D printing technology prints objects layer by layer and has also lead to recreate and restore antique and ancient articrafts, here tries to gain attention to ear the fact that wild life animals like us cannot be rebuild or and fix again. Hence, revealing the me age to save the endangered species and also conveying the fact that no matter how advanced the technology might be if cannot recreate the lives of these endangered species. 

Every image of the campaign accompanies with some text that goes like this, if only they were this easy to reproduce”. Such text in the image reinforces the significance of continuing the existing population of the animals. Further it also ensures that we take extra care of the endangered species as the print ad campaign conveys the message how they cannot be reproduced with the advanced technologies.

endangered  species 3D printed models?

3D printing was technology was used not used a medium but as a theme to cover the message to prevent the extinction of the endangered species. Not only was it a great success but it was also short-listed for many awards at Cannes Lions, the International advertising festival. The ad campaign was one of its kind as never before was 3D printing used for such an ad campaign.

In this specific ad campaign the 3D printing technology has been used more importantly in the conservation efforts.  Priory Non-profit organization like the Paso Pacifico has used 3D printing technologies to created 3D printed decoy sea turtle eggs to track and take down poaching rings and also scientists in the International Centre for Birds of Prey (ICBP) have 3D printed vulture eggs embedded with micro sensors to learn vital information about the vulture nesting birds. The 3D printed eggs give the scientists a closer look to the endangered species of Vultures.

Image Source:IFAW

Chris Joel (Author)

Ad campaign dedicated towards endangered  species of animals
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