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Affordable Metal 3D Printing On The Way To Market

09 Jan

Affordable Metal 3D Printing On The Way To Market

Most of the 3d printer works only with plastic, as we are taking this to another level for manufacturers, industries to use 3d printer we need to get 3d printer printing metal. Though there are few printers that can able to print metal its high price hesitate manufactures to get only biggies like NASA, US army are using such printers to make their needed.

metal 3d printing

In order to get more number of industries to use 3d printer, 3d printing technology needs a metal 3d printer at an affordable. To resolve this The Michigan Technological University has decided to come up a most affordable metal 3d printing at $1500, and it’s an open-source that will open the door for more manufactures to get one.

Just like plastic printing 3d printers prices declined the prices of metal 3d printing seeing decline stage now, since the market is huge the profit will remain same or might be more than now as the sale will increase thrice than what now metal 3d printing gets.

Still under development the printer has to go a far distance since it this printer couldn’t be able to print some complex object it means it cannot be used to print heavy metal parts that are so complicated but still the printer is best one to get for $1500 with more upgrades to come this printer will for sure can print some real tricky parts.

Image & Video Credit:TRR56

Chris Joel (Author)

Affordable Metal 3D Printing On The Way To Market
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