Airwolf 3D to Exhibit at 3D Printshow Paris 2013

25 Mar

Airwolf 3D to Exhibit at 3D Printshow Paris 2013

HANNOVER, Germany- -(BUSINESS WIRE)- -Airwolf 3d, a creator and producer of high-execution 3d printers, together with SET Ltd., a heading German results supplier, will be showcasing Airwolf 3d's American-made product offering at Cebit 2014 here this week from March 10-14, 2014 in Hall 3, Booth H01/1. 

"Our high-execution Aw3d HD is the speediest, most exact 3d printer accessible for under $3 thousand" 

Airwolf 3d is critical in that it uses its own particular 3d printers to duplicate themselves about 24/7 at the organization's central command. Not just does this look after quality control, it empowers Airwolf 3d professionals to flawlessly refine and enhance the machines. The methodology additionally goes about as quality control (QC) to guarantee the 3d printers perform immaculately over long times of constant utilization. 

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"Our high-execution Aw3d HD is the quickest, most faultless 3d printer accessible for under $3 thousand," said Erick Wolf, Airwolf 3d president and prime supporter. "The Aw3d HD is additionally simple to utilize. It emphasizes a class-heading fabricate envelope of 1,150 cubic inches (12" x 8" x 12"), making it perfect for fast prototyping. The printer offers layer-to-layer determination as fine as 0.06mm and a most extreme print rate of 150mm/s with a positioning exactness of 0.02mm. The 3d printer is completely self-ruling, so no connection up to a PC is needed."

The Aw3d HD 3d printer comes standard with Matter Control Pro has programming and a six-month guarantee. It's perfect with both Windows and Mac workstations.

The patent-pending Airwolf JR (jam safe) 3d printer hot end gives higher execution than standard spouts, and also incomprehensibly expanded serviceability. This drop-in displacement for Prusa-determined 3d printers is accessible with 0.50mm and discretionary 0.35mm opening spouts.

Dissimilar to different printers that may just offer 8 distinctive printing materials, the Aw3d HD acknowledges 12 materials from various sources, making it momentously take proficient.

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Airwolf 3D to Exhibit at 3D Printshow Paris 2013
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