Akris make Geometry interesting again with 3D printed jewelry!!

3D Printing has become the favorite tool for artist and designers all across the world, as it can achieve tasks and designs that were considered unachievable through conventional manufacturing methods. Intricate Geometric shapes and structures have fascinated humans for a long time; Pyramids are visual examples of the same, however things became impossible to deliver when they had to miniaturize. But with the rapid growth of high precision 3d printing, these impossible designs are now becoming reality. This easy availability of high tech 3d printers are giving rise to a new era of designers who can combine fashion, architecture, and geometry to make impossible figure.

3d printed jewelry

So when Akris a Swiss company and the only one to show their collection at the Paris Fashion week, wanted to hire one such new age designer who could give justice to the Akris’ architecturally-inspired spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection. Their search ended with Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto who also specializes in creating unique mesh like structures. One of the famous works by Sou Fujimoto is called the Naoshima Pavilion, a massive polyhedron geometric structure and was unveiled last year in Japan.

Albert Kriemler the prodigy son of Max Kriemler the owner of Akris could relate very closely to the design patterns made by Sou Fujimoto as he himself is famous for making crisp, futuristic, and architecturally-inspired designer clothes. He used Sou’s mesh designs to make strong yet feminine pencil skirts, blouses and tailored jackets in bright, monochrome ensembles which will be displayed at the fashion show.

3d printed jewelry

Mr. Kriemler took the partnership further and designed a ring based on the Naoshima Pavilion which is currently on display in Kagawa Prefecture in Japan, as part of Setouchi’s International Art Festival. The Building is a large-scale polyhedron-based structure built from a white stainless steel mesh; it is hailed as a great work of art and highly skilled architecture and is admired by visitors as a beautifully intricate geometric installation.

3d printed jewelry

But they still needed someone to transform the nearly impossible Naoshima Pavilion into a ring. For which they hired VOJD Studios which specializes in using SLS 3d printing to make unique, high-end jewelry collections out of Nylon and silver. The company is well known for their fascination for Complex Geometric jewelry line and hence became the obvious choice to make the jewelry for the Akris’ Spring Collection 2016. Mr. Kriemler seems to be pretty impressed with what could be achieved using high end Laser sintering 3d printers and would be a proud designer of the beautiful Ring.

We are sure that this is certainly not the last time we see such beautiful jewelry created using 3d printing for the Akris collection. All we can do is wait and watch and contemplate how creative and impossible the next jewelry design they have on offer.

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