Aleph Objects to announce New CuraLulzBot Edition v17 Software

27 Sep

Aleph Objects to announce New CuraLulzBot Edition v17 Software

Cura, is one of the most widely used open source 3D printing software. It helps you prepares your files for printing by converting your model into GCODE, and also allows you to control the operation of your open source 3D printer.The Software was developed by Daid (David Braam) and it’scurrently maintained by Ultimaker who employed David to work on it.Curawhich is available for free under Open Source software released on the AGPLv3 license and it provides an "all in one" solution for 3D printing.

Aleph Objects, the creators of Lulzbotsopensource 3D printers are one of the few companies that suggest the use the Cura software to power their printers. But they do their things a little differently than other, to make 3D printing easy on their 3D Printers they have customized the Cura software to work seamlessly with their printers.

Aleph Objects to announce New CuraLulzBot Edition v17 Software?

The Company today announced that they would release the latest version of the CuraLulzBot Edition v17at the World Maker Faire in New York to be held this weekend. According to the software release notes this is going to be major software update over its previous version. Some of the features added to the CuraLulzBot Edition v17 are as follows

CuraLulzBot Edition v17 New Features:

  • Pre customized Quickprintsettings now include material options like HiPS, PLA, ABS, Nylon, Elastomer, PET, electrically conductive materials, Laywoo-D3, and many others.
  • The Quickprint options is now optimized toinclude materials extrusion settings from vendors like eSUN, Taulman 3D, Fenner Drives, CC-Products.
  • Categorization of material by difficulty
    1. First print
    2. Beginner
    3. Intermediate
    4. Advanced (may require bed preparation)
    5. Expert (may require hardware changes such as a different tool head)
  • Changing "Quickprint” to"full settings" mode now asks if you want to keep settings.
  • The Software now gives smart suggestions about bed heating and calibration depending on the pre-selected material used for printing.
  • The users now view temperature graph in full screen when printing.

These new features will be available to all the versions of LulzbotCura software’s which run on GNU/Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

This improved software just shows Lulzbots commitment to improving customer satisfaction and supporting the open source community. Talking about the new features made available on the newer version of LulzbotCura, Aleph Objects’ marketing manager Harris Kenny said “We are excited about the improvements our team made in this new version of CuraLulzBot Edition. We look forward to hearing the community’s feedback as we collaborate together to make 3D printing easier for everyone.”

The CuraLulzBot Edition v17 software will be officially unveiled and demonstrated at Maker Faire at the New York Hall of Sciences, New York which is scheduled for this weekend.

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Aleph Objects to announce New CuraLulzBot Edition v17 Software
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