Allied Dimensions to launch LSBP 3D printer

The 3d printing industry sees a new desktop 3d printer almost every day; most of them look like clones of some or the other 3d printer. We have actually stopped taking about these printers as we are very skeptical about the future of these clones, but once in a while we come across a revolutionary concept printer that sweeps us off our feet. We are here today to discuss about one such printer; it’s called the LSBP 3D printer (which stands for large scale multi material).

LSBP 3D printer

LSBP 3D printer is made by Allied Dimensions a startup owned by JereHiltunen in Barcelona. JereHiltunen has designed a futuristic 3d printer which has 6 head that can handle multiple kinds of materials and has a heated base. These heads can work individually or in tandem while printing a large object. The huge build base of W840 mm xD840 mm xH800mm makes it one of the biggest 3d printers I have heard of.

LSBP 3D printer

Talking about the LSBP 3d Printer Mr. Hiltunen said, ‘I have been working on the printer project since last summer very intensively. The initial idea for it came when I wanted to print small series of mechanical products to sell and realized that the current models just don't deliver fast enough printing to make a viable production possible. The initial design has gone through many changes and iterations and there has been somewhat 3500 hours of designing and prototyping and test using. LSBP combines the benefits of a fast large volume printer (W840 mm xD840 mm xH800mm) with the benefits of a multihead serial printer covering everything in between them.’

LSBP 3D printer

Without revealing much of the details about the printer, the developer told us that the secret behind the fast printing speed of the printer is the ultra-light carriage system made from carbon fiber. It also features a novel bearing solution that provides a super sturdy yet light and fast system.

Now let’s take an example of a large print, if we assume a single nozzle printer takes 48 hours to print a large object on this printer the work is distributed between the 6 nozzles. Which means the same object will be printed in 8 hours on this printer. Add to this the feature that each nozzle can handle different material and the combination we get is mind boggling.

LSBP 3D printer

Mr. Hiltunen explained the uniqueness of their 3d printer and said ‘The real difference to the ones already on the market is the ultimate flexibility and modularity to scale the build space for the amount of the printheads and also mix the way the printheads work. With only 1 head you can print a massive piece and adding heads divides the space accordingly without marginals. You can also configure the printer to be a multi-material printer with several heads - Let’s say 3 materials for 2 sets of heads or 2 for 3 or even 6 for 1.’

The features proposed for the LSBP 3D printer are really amazing; however dealing with so many print heads would need a lot of expertise. Cleaning the nozzle and build base calibration can be a real pain in the ***, the designer understood these practical difficulties as made the printer nozzle removable which means you can take it out for inspection and cleaning.

The printer is also huge as it weighs 80 kilograms and body size of the printer is 1120 x 1040 x 1230 mm. Allied Dimensions plans to sell the printer for $13,250 USD and the production will start somewhere in the month of September 2015 at their Barcelona office. If you are interested in Pre ordering this Giant printer head over to the Allied Dimensions website here.

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