Amazing bone structure dresses inspired by Greek mythology

15 Apr

Amazing bone structure dresses inspired by Greek mythology

The fashion industry has been simultaneously experimenting with the 3D printing technology to make new innovations and print dresses that are wearable. It has also turned out to be a perfect tool in experimenting for fashion designers. A student named Tang Xiao showcased three mind blowing and impressive designs of dresses at the 2016 Wuhan Textile University Fashion Week. These dresses were made up of bone like structures bearing resembelence to the Sirens of Greek mythology. 

The Wuhan Textile University Fashion Week took place in Beijing last week and ends this week. The Fashion week exhibited around 100 amazing creations from graduate students across China.  It is a 9 day long fashion week and constitutes of 17 shows. The fashion week is a perfect occasion to learn and find out what the upcoming designers of China are working on.

3D printed bone structure dresses

With the amazing blend of fashion and top level 3D printing technology Tang Xiao gave a good competition to others. The 23-year-old Tang Xiao went a step ahead in designing her dress replicating the bone structures for all the three dresses. The bone structured parts of the dresses are 3D orinted seperately and also designed and modeled in such a way that they perfectly fit the model's body. It took a total of four months for Tang Xiao to create the final structure of the dress. Also she believes that she might have spent a total amount of 50,000 RMB ($7,700 USD)  in the creation of the dress.

The amazing part of the dress is that it is inspired by te mysterious Sirens from the Greek mythology that are the gorgeous, enchanting and deadly sea creatures who lured sea sailors to deaths with their mesmerizing music. Tang Xiao further says that the definition of a Siren sometimes gets into the way of seeing the creatures. “For a lot of people, a Siren is simply beautiful, deadly and poisonous. But I actually wanted to emphasize it as just a creature, a very pure and simple creature. These judgements mirror modern society, where a lot of people only look at the surface of others,” she explains.

This is also reflected in the chosen color scheme – or lack thereof. “Today, we always wear ‘colored glasses’ used to judge others, so I decided to use white as an overall color. This expresses their inner purity,” she says. “As to the shape of the dresses, I exaggerated them a bit to reflect the qualities of 3D printing. A 3D printer can make almost anything, it constructs objects and forms that are impossible for other technologies to copy.”

Tao Hui the vice president of the Wuhan Textile University says the project shows exactly how 3D printing can bring new innovation to the fashion industry. He also feels that this kind of projects pave way to further use and inspiration of 3D printing technology in fashion and wearable accessories. In his introduction he elaborated that it is a huge advantage when it comes to customizing and rapid prototyping of fine structures. Designing such structures that can be used to realize wearable accessories and clothes.

3D printed bone structure dresses?

Apart from these advantages unfortunately there are some technology's material limitations that prevent it's adoption by the fashion and clothing industry.  “We are used to clothing being flexible, which fits our constantly changing body shapes. The biggest problem holding 3D printing back is that we are trying to put rigid materials onto the flexible human body. That’s why we are not wearing 3D printed clothes yet,” Tao Hui said.

He further concluded by saying, “We can already use it for accessories, as quite a lot of international designers are already doing. These are just 3D printed concepts that give us a glimpse of the future. A future industry where traditional sewing could be replaced by one-time forming through 3D printing. No matter what style you prefer, we can make it in a single print job."


Chris Joel (Author)

Amazing bone structure dresses inspired by Greek mythology
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