Assembled 3d printers VS DIY 3d printer kits

16 Feb

Assembled 3d printers VS DIY 3d printer kits

Comparison between assembled 3d printers and DIY 3d printer kits

We get a lot of questions from people who are looking to buy a new 3d printer however they are not sure where to begin with. Too many choices in the 3d printer segment exhaust us, however if we look at the broader picture and focus on the fundamentals there are 2 major choices the one needs to make while buying a 3d printer. We would focus on these Choices based on the needs and specialization of individuals. These choices are - whether to buy an Assembled 3d printer or DIY kits. We would ponder over this question and try to find answers based on the3 different things that one needs to evaluate before making the right choice.

assembled 3d printers vs diy kits

3D Printing Cost:

While making the purchase decision, the first thing that’s on any one’s mind is that does the 3d Printer fits my budget. If you are a newbie with this technology and are looking for an Inexpensive 3d printer, DIY printers are the best option for you. However if Cash is not an issue then there are many companies that have ready to use 3d printers that you can buy. You need to decide the hard question of Money = Time + Expertise, according to this equation you might have a lot of Time but if you fail to have the expertise required to build a printer you might have to invest a lot of time gaining the right kind of expertise to build a 3d printer.

Ease of use:

DIY systems are more like homemade food, you can make a Pizza at home however that would mean that you have to get all your ingredients correct and in right quantities. You need to know how to cook the pizza at the correct temperature to get the right kind of Crispiness to your bread and the perfect taste to your Pizza sauce. In short you need to be well versed with Cooking or should be ready to fail or least are ready to experiment Cooking. Lucking DIY printers are available as KITS which means you have the right ingredients to make the 3d printer however getting good print results mean you have to be glued to YouTube to learn and experiment with the right kind of calibrations of parts like Stepper motors, Extruder and printer beds. Assembled 3d printers are sold as ready to use kits, where the company that makes the 3d printer does the hard work for you.

Maintenance / Service program:

Unlike normal computer printers, 3d Printers are not a completely fool proof machine as of now. It needs maintenance on a regular basis to get those perfect printouts. As we discussed earlier, maintenance is a skill related work and if you don't have the time to learn these skills I would prefer users to stick to Assembled 3d printers as most of them come with a limited warranty and service program. DIY kits are usually sold at a cost to cost price hence the company selling the same cannot afford the money involved in maintaining the product they sell.

If you evaluate the 3d printers available in the market based on the points we discussed above, your decision making will becomes lot easier.

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Assembled 3d printers VS DIY 3d printer kits
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