Australian researches taking 4D printing to the next level

4D printing has not made a huge impact till to date, Just like 3d printing, even 4d printing has a slow start but certainly a promising technology that can be applied in some significant fields. 4D printing has proven to be successful in various researches and the latest project by Marc in het Panhuis is one such example and the 3d printed valve has pushed 4D printing technology one step further.

4D Printing

So what is 4D technology? 4D technology is nothing but a multi-material print, an item or system can change from any 1D strand into 3D shape, 2D surface into 3D shape or transform from one 3D shape into another, these are done utilizing just water, warmth, light or other basic vitality enter, this procedure offers flexibility and element reaction for structures and frameworks of all sizes from the 3d printers.

Marc in het Panhuis the leader of this particular project has created 4D structure of a valve using a 3d printer at the ACES (ARC centre of excellence for electromaterials science). Depending on the temperature of water, the valve has the ability to open and close. The valve opens if the water is cool and seal off when it finds the water is hot.

4D Printing

“So it’s an autonomous valve, there’s no input necessary other than water; it closes itself when it detects hot water,” scientist said.

This valve was printed using 4 different hydrogels namely toughness, softness flexibility and strength which is something new to this technology is the reason why we mentioned earlier that this project by Marcin has taken 4d printing to another level.

4D Printing

“The cool thing about it is, is it’s a working functioning device that you just pick up from the printer,” Marcin said. “There’s no other assembly required.”

The scientist firmly believes that 4D printing will have a huge impact right from medical, aerospace to military. In case if the soldiers have to use the 4d printing as weapons or tools in the future, they should make sure that they maintain the right temperature while they carry in battle.

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