Autodesk and HP team up to speed 3D Printing

17 Dec

Autodesk and HP team up to speed 3D Printing

HP adopts the Spark platform Autodesk for future HP Multi Jet Fusion printer. Autodesk announced its next open bookings for its first 3D printer called EMBER. Autodesk and HP will experience long dates. The two companies have a shared common vision to stimulate technological innovation to offer their customers the best products and the best solutions. With this partnership, Autodesk and HP want to speed up the printing industry 3D to offer their customers higher print speeds, improved quality and reliability.

autodesk teamup with hp

Spark provides the basic elements to hardware manufacturers, software developers, materials specialists to allow them to push the boundaries of 3D printing. Specifically, through Spark, users of the printer Multi Jet Fusion will have sophisticated tools to create and generate EASILY prints using different types of materials and properties simultaneously.

Autodesk announced the launch of its first bookings 3D printer EMBER .Ember is a printer that runs on technology DLP (Digital Light Processing). Near SLA technology (stereo lithography), the DLP method uses a UV laser projector instead of traditional. It is therefore here polymerizing a complete layer instead of polymerizing by laser points. With a construction volume of 64 x 40 x 134 mm, Ember has a resolution of 25 microns / layer and an accuracy of 50 microns on the X and Y axes. Of course the advantage of DLP compared to SLA is the speed printing, it is 15 mm / h in maximum accuracy. The icing on the cake is the provision of plans and the characteristics of its materials. Ember will be 100% open source to the delight of the Community. Ember Explorer is announced at a price of € 4,850 before tax + shipping. " The 3D printer Ember will be a reference in terms of design for the Spark platform that will establish new rules on user experience in terms of 3D printing "can be read on the website of Autodesk.

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Autodesk and HP team up to speed 3D Printing
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