Beautiful 3d printed Prosthetic hand to actress Grace Mandeville

14 Mar

Beautiful 3d printed Prosthetic hand to actress Grace Mandeville

Mandeville sisters who are passionate in making films, gabbing before the camera, fashion and Travel. Grace Mandeville is one hand girl who born without a hand, but you know what? She never felt bad or locked herself in the room. She is the girl who can do anything whatever we people can do with two hands, she is an actress and YouTube start along her sister Amelia Mandeville. In her life time Grace has tried many different prosthetic hands before and recently she got the most beautiful 3d printed crystal-laden prosthetic hand with all functionality from Open Biotics.


Although Open Biotics is a startup company technically they have established themselves as one of the best in producing prosthetic hands. In the CES they took everyone by surprise when they showed the most advanced 3d printed robotic hand. Now they have created the most beautiful hand for actress and YouTube star Grace Mandeville.


“We printed Grace a socket and robotic hand in three days and because 3D printing is so affordable we can add Swarovski crystals and create something really eye-catching that will not break the bank,” told Open Bionics COO Samantha Payne “We also added four fibre optic wires to the socket so that whenever Grace closes her hand, a blue light would shoot up her 3D printed arm.”


“We’ve been told a lot by amputees that they want something that will get a compliment not a strange stare, something far away from a ‘flesh’ coloured prosthetic,” Payne added.

3d printed-hand

The Company made completely new design with crystals and EMG sensor in the prosthetic hand which will help her control over her hand. Hope, Grace will be crazy about her new beautiful, fashionable design.

Image Credit:Robin Fearon

Chris Joel (Author)

Beautiful 3d printed Prosthetic hand to actress Grace Mandeville
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