Bocusini, a revolutionary idea in Food 3d printing

Food 3d printing is an exciting avenue that very few people are exploring because of its high cost. But if we told you that there is a company that is working towards converting your desktop printer into a Food Printer, wouldn’t that make you jump on the opportunity?

boscusini food 3d printer

Well, we are not over exaggerating!! Print2Taste is a German startup that understands that if Food 3d printing has to become the next trend, people should be able to do it on their own 3d printers. They call this modular Food printing system as Bocusini. Bocusini allows user to retrofit their existing 3D printer with the ability to 3D print with food-based filaments.

boscusini food 3d printer

The company claims to have 20 years of deep understanding of the sensory and physiological properties of food, and has developed mastery in the treatment of food. Using this experience they have made high-quality printable food compounds based on natural ingredients. The company claims to have already developed food compounds for confectionary, snacks, fruits, vegetables, dairy, pastry or bakery products.

The pre-filled food capsules will not just allow people to use any 3d printer; it will also make the experience of Food Printing an enjoyable one. No more handling of Raw material while printing food, all you need to do is simply load one of the cartridges, and print the design one has made on companies dedicated creation app.

boscusini food 3d printer

Print2Tastealso plans to launch a printer along with their Bocusini system on Kickstarter by mid May. The Food Paste capsules would be also sold as add-on kits for the Printrbot simple, the Ultimaker 2 and the Printrbot Metal.


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