Boulton Eyeware makes a Resin based 3D Printed Eyewear

Over the past year or so 3D printing has been used extensively in the Fashion industry, however all we have actually seen are just prototypes and concept products. All these so called products were made using FFF/ FDM printers which are not built to make finished products. Ask any 3d Printer user and he would tell you that Desktop FDM printers are still not fail proof systems, the failure rate of a 3D print on them is way too high and it’s extremely slow to be used as real manufacturing machines.

boulton eyeware makes a resin based 3d printed eyewear

These shortcomings were certainly at the back to the mind when a company called Boulton Eyewear from Amsterdam decided to use 3D printing as the technology that is at the heart of their Business strategy. Boulton Eyewear’s unique selling point is Custom Made Eye Glasses which are made using data received from the Facial scans of their Customers. The Scan has to taken by the customers using Smartphone’s like iPhone 5 / Samsung S4 and similar.

boulton eyeware makes a resin based 3d printed eyewear

These scans are then used to make Digitally Fitted eye glasses, the company suggest taking around 30 to 35 images so that it can be converted into 3D model of the person for personal preview. Once the customer has found the perfect Frame for them the company prints is using the SLA (Resin Based 3d printers). This allows Boulton’s to make high resolution Frames without the risk of the high failure rate associated with FFF Printers.

boulton eyeware makes a resin based 3d printed eyewear

In a press release we received today Boultons CEO said..

“People looking for the perfect fitting eyewear spend lots of time and money finding it while being totally ignored by the big companies. Frames today are still mass manufactured and sold in standard sizes. But our faces, noses and ears are not standard at all. They are unique in both shape and size. Just as our personalities and styles are different. That’s why we started Boulton Eyewear, the first personal eyewear brand in the world.”

boulton eyeware makes a resin based 3d printed eyewear

This unique production on demand method may sound pretty unique to people who are new to the 3D printing industry however we strongly believe this is the only possible solution for Manufacturers of the future. If you like the idea that Boulton Eyeware wishes to promote, you could visit their kickstrater page. The company plans to raise €35,000 by Jul 31 2015 to start the production of their tailor-made 3d printed Eyewares.

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