Brendon McNaughton, a Canadian artist 3D printed a heart of gold

03 May

Brendon McNaughton, a Canadian artist 3D printed a heart of gold

Generally, the phrase or the expression “heart of gold” refers to the idea of being generous, kind and a person with a well behaved nature also how the Canadian folksinger Neil Young sang about the eternal search for his heart of gold. Brendon McNaughton, from Canada, Toronto is trying all his ways to give a new dimension to the expression through the Sculptural piece of Heart of Gold. The sculpture of the heart was made by scanning the actual heart with the help of 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies.

 The artist is just 26-years-old and has almost travelled all over the world and was born and raised in Toronto itself. McNaughton was inspired to 3D print the masterpiece when he visited the gold mines in Kalgoorlie, Australia after seeing the condition and the troubles of gold mine workers. He was totally stunned by seeing the conditions that the people work in and also the contradiction within the element of gold, with the miners that risk their lives to extract the metal were paid nothing. He wanted to share the worker’s problem with others and to shed some light on the uneven gold industry, and at the same time also to question of rising poor lives and exploiting them in the extraction process

 In order to create the 3D printed heart model McNaughton consulted a Toronto based 3D scanning and 3D printing company named Objex Unlimited to further decide on how to create the sculpture of the heart. Initially they started by creating a digital model of the human heart based on the MRI scans donated by an anonymous person. From there on both of them worked in the further process of additively manufacturing the model. The printing of the heart was done on a ProJet 6000 Stereo lithography 3D printer and was later cast in bronze. McNaughton eventually gold plated the 3D printed model of the heart by his own hands using the 22 carat Manetti Gold Leaf. Thus type of gold leaf was also used in lavishly decorating the Palace of Versailles and also the Windsor Castle.

 3D printed a heart of gold?

The process of the 3D printing the Heart of Gold project in 2014 and McNaughton is currently show cased his heart of gold masterpiece in his most recent exhibition NestEgg that was held till 1st May 2016. The exhibition was located and hosted at the Toronto’s Crokin Gallery. Apart from the exhibition McNaughton has also planned to create more heart of gold on a commission basis and will donate it to the cardiac research at his dedicated university.

 McNaughton further explained, “I want to provide a foundation for people to have dialogues about the relationship between the ultra-wealthy and the wage workers who might be getting injured or are just scraping by in life. What [the sculpture is] doing is that it’s trying to understand our ideas and our perception of gold.”

 McNaughton surely himself has a heart of gold that reflects his deed with the 3D printed Heart of Gold where he is planning to tell stories of people who have Heart of Gold. McNaughton is very smartly using 3D printing industry to make changes in the heart of people by his heart of Gold 3D printed sculpture.



Chris Joel (Author)

Brendon McNaughton, a Canadian artist 3D printed a heart of gold
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