Camera Restricta: A 3D printed camera

If you are the one who gets irritated with crowd at concerts and famous tourist places, all trying to click photos with their cell phones at the same time rather than enjoying the view, then CameraRestricta is a perfect phone camera for you.

Camera Restricta,is a 3d printed phone case designed by artist Philipp Schmitt that calculates the number of photos taken at a location by calculating the Geo tagged images at that place using the onboard electronics and restricts users from clicking Images which are redundant. The on-board electronics in the case searches photo sharing websites like Flickr and Panaramio and if it fines too many photos taken within 35-meter radius, it then jams the physical trigger on the case. The case also translates the number of found photos, from dozens to thousands, into real-time sound, with each ‘click’ representing another tourist clicking photos.

Camera Restricta

Philipp Schmitt explains “If the number is above a certain threshold, a photo cell mounted in front of the screen picks up a signal and transmits it to the microcontroller which then retracts the shutter.”

Camera Restricta

The designer has not specified as to what number of snaps qualifies the CameraRestricta to stop you from taking images. But the whole idea is censor people from over doing something; the idea is nice but may be taken a threat to their freedom and privacy. The designer acknowledges this and said “Camera Restricta could be a controversial tech product, promising unique pictures by preventing the user from contributing to the overflow of generic digital imagery. It is a speculation on a possible new generation of cameras where the once obedient tool becomes an authority.”

Camera Restricta

He gives reference to a controversial proposal that has recently voted against in The European Parliament, which if passed would have banned people from taking snaps of copyrighted buildings and sculptures from public places. He thinks that the camera could be funded or subsidized by public and private sector institutions with an interest in regulating photography in certain places.

Camera Restricta

The irony of everything is that the CameraRestricta is built using 3D-printed body and uses opensourceNode.js server to detect the number of pictures taken nearby. We feel that it stands for everything against the technology it’s built upon. But on the upside the camera does solve some real nuisance caused by tourists at tourist spots, it also would indicate unique photo opportunities.

Whether you like Camera Restrictaor not, is completely up to you

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