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Candy – The First Affordable Food 3D Printer

09 Jan

Since the idea of bringing 3d printing food for NASA researchers in space lot of companies have step into making their way to bring 3d printers that are capable of printing edible foods for home as well as food professionals but all the printers came to the market are not affordable enough till this candy food printer came.

3d Ventures a London based company has been in research to bring affordable 3d printer for foods and it successfully launched 3d printing food names Candy 3d printer in different colors and at an affordable rate of just $499.

candy food 3d printer

We have usually seen printer prints out from plastic but this printer is capable of bringing not just sweets alone it can deliver almost everything from cookies to cakes and specially crafted chocolates as well.

Candy takes 3d printing out of the workshop, and places it in your kitchen right close by your Nespresso machine. The most recent in a string of 3d printers to hit well popular for crowd funding site Kickstarter, its portrayed as the first moderate, food printing model to hit the business.

Composed in a non-debilitating manner, so it won't gaze too out of spot on your kitchen worktop, Candy has likewise been designed to be not difficult to live with and use. The body is produced using fiberglass, making it light, and all the imperative parts might be evacuated and cleaned as required. To utilize it, spill your decision of sugary goodness into the gadget, stack a formula, and let the printer get to work. A normal 3d configuration of relative intricacy.


Candy is capable of printing any semi-solid foodstuff, worked by topping off the allocator with a filling of decision, selecting the configuration needed from the supplied SD card and, eventually, printing.


Image & Video credit:3D Ventures

Chris Joel (Author)

Candy – The First Affordable Food 3D Printer
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