Chen Liyuan from Taiwan creates a 3D ice cream machine

Summer seasons are about to start, and the most selling products during the season will be Icecream, cool drinks and drinking water. Nobody likes to hate ice cream, everybody is fond of ice cream starting from kids to old people. Sometime even middle-aged people fight for ice cream just like the couple from Taiwan did. They actually fight for an ice cream that eventually pushed her husband Chen Liyuan to create 3D Ice cream machine using 3d printer and an ice cream machine.

Ice Cream 3d printer

Chen Liyuan who has good experience in 3d printer is a professor at the Chein Hsin University in Taiwan, In order to create a first ever 3D Ice cream machine he used a 3d printer and an ice cream machine to guarantee that it delivered reliable and reasonable cones of ice cream. Together with his understudies Chen was able to produce their 3D Ice machine. This was revealed last week when the Taiwanese Ministry of Education conducted a seminar on accomplishments in appropriate exploratory innovative work at professional schools, Chen Liyuan and four of his understudies disclosed their '3D Ice Cream Machine' interestingly.

Ice Cream 3d printer

It is quite interesting as the way it is equipped for creating predictable, excellent delicate serve ice creams using various ingredients, while there is even an expansive assortment of outline alternatives. Ice creams can now be made square, round, triangular or even a 10 cm tall copy of the 101 Taipei Tower.

This will certainly impress many ice cream manufacturers and sellers to order 3D Ice Cream Machine, Chen has planned to sell these machines for at an affordable rate around $5000 USD, interested resellers can contact Chen to sell in your country.

Ice Cream 3d printer

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