China Based WinSun Company Builds 3d Printed Villa

19 Jan

China Based WinSun Company Builds 3d Printed Villa

A new way of building homes, villa is by 3d printer. Although China is behind the USA, and European countries in additive manufacturing, they are on top in building homes, villas, factories using mega 3d printer (large scale industry 3d printer).

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Last year Shanghai, China-based WinSun Decoration Design Engineering Co. build 10 homes completely using 3d printer and today they have announced of making 3d printed living villa which took everyone by surprise. They have fabricated the most noteworthy 3d printed bedding, a 5-story private house and the world's first 3d printed manor. The estate measures 1,100 square meters that come along with full decorations both internally and externally.

3d printer villa

This new technology has obviously reduced the cost of construction as well risk factors in it. The construction cost took to build this villa is much less compared to others villas. Vinson believes that there will be more 3d printed home, estates in the future. To their belief already few companies have signed a contract, now nearly 10 to 20 villas and factories will be built by WinSun company using large industry 3d printers. Vinson had also planned to extend their factory all over the world, almost 20 countries will soon have WinSun branches.

Without any doubt WinSun company has done something amazing and their main target is to build many more livable homes all around the china. But soon or later all over the world will start using a 3d printer to build homes which will certainly be done at an affordable cost, with less wastage and labor cost.

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Image Credit: NetEase News

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China Based WinSun Company Builds 3d Printed Villa
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