Cocreat3D: Creates Trendy Stylish 3d printed prosthetic hands

Although 3d printing technology has been playing a key role in multiple industries, I would probably say that the role in the medical industry is the best. Survey says that 120,00 babies are born with birth defects, and due to our carelessness there are many accidents occurring around the world where many lose their hands, legs, even many died, while we can’t do anything with death, certainly with the modern technology around us, especially with 3d printing we can help the people those who lost their hand, leg or even born with birth defects.

Stylish prosthetic hands

But to be frank, 3d printing technology is not widespread and not many prefer 3d printed prosthetic hands, legs and many more, it might be due to lack of awareness or may be lack of knowledge, but things are promising as slowly people started using and applying 3d printed parts, thanks to doctors and researches and e-NABLE community of volunteers who are utilizing 3d printing technology among their patients and customers.

Stylish prosthetic hand

Similarly a Cocreat3D company from Columbia has decided to launch stylish beautiful prosthetic arms that can be proudly shown to the world, Although few people never afraid or ashamed to use prosthetic hands for their routine purpose, still lot of people are not yet convinced to show a typical prosthetic hand in front of others even many people still lives with one hand, one leg without preferring any technology as it would cost them too much that they cannot afford, but things have changed 3d printing technology allows not just by offering affordable 3d printed hands but now company like Cocreat are almost ready to offer stylish, fashionable hands.

Stylish prosthetic hand

"We present a series of 3D printable passive prosthesis designed for upper limb amputees. We aim to make uncommon prosthesis that are not meant to be hidden but to be shown without shame," told Esteban Velásquez Rendón. Typical artificial hands are gone and soon it will become past, history, in mere future people will start use 3d printed stylish hands.

Stylish prosthetic hand

Cocreat3D will not just 3d print trendy hands, but they are planning to make sure that suits the customers at the highest level. Just like e-NABLE they will use the 3d scanning and 3d modeling for their clients to ensure customers gets perfect fit hands and cocreat3d is also planning to allow customers to choose the materials, color, and even design.

Stylish prosthetic hand

Hope Cocreat3D will take 3d printed prosthetic hands to another level.

Stylish prosthetic hand

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