Complete 3D printed Arkham Origins Batman suit

03 Jan

Complete 3D printed Arkham Origins Batman suit

Super heroes like batman, superman, spider man, The Hulk, and many more are the heroes who got inspired by many people all over the world. Some people just enjoy the movie or read the comic book, let it go while they come out. But for some people they really want to be like those super heroes and to be frank not just the kids wanted to wear those super heroes dress even adult people want to wear but it’s for different purposes "Cosplay".

3d printed batman suit

Cosplay is nothing but a favorite costume ritual of comic con participants named cosplayers usually dress up like their super heroes and will take ramp walk if needed. This time around, 3d printer came into play for cosplayers, this is just a simple deal that started earlier, Gauntlet FX made a deal between Stevie Dee who is the back bone of Crismon Coscrafts and Tundra designs to make 3d printed batman which obviously interested stevie to agree this deal. Before it was printed suit was 3d modeled by Stevie and sent to tundra design who 3d printed different parts of batman using ABS plastic and in December 3d printed parts was received by stevie which was sprayed with black paint to look more realistic and exactly like Dark knight rises which will be more attractive, finally Dee assembled all the parts together using Gorilla glue and the outcome was the best batman outfit ever.

3d printed batman leg parts

“The colours are not the standard issue Arkham Origins, as I wanted to go with the Dark Knight Skin you get at 100% completion,” further added “The suit is quite comfy to wear and movement is great. I cant bend at the stomach but I didn’t expect that.” Told Stevie Dee.

3d printed batamn back side

Hey there! If anyone is interested to buy one to participate in Cosplay then you can approach Gaunlet FX.

Image Source:3dprint

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Complete 3D printed Arkham Origins Batman suit
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