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3D printing consumables for 3d printers are what ink cartridges are for your home desktop printers.

It’s the raw material you put in the 3d printer to make 3 dimensional solid objects, and depends solely on the purpose of the object, discretion of the user and the capability of his/her’s 3D printer to print using that particular kind of material.

The consumables available with us in a variety of common types of plastics like ABS, PLA, PVA, HIPS, PETG, Nylon and PC. We also have a wide range of exotic materials like metal infused PLA filaments, Wood filaments and polymer composites like silk. If you are feeling colourful our store also offers filaments with gradient colours. These Consumables are available in variety of colours and even in different diameters to work with your FDM printers specifications.

Jargon breaker:

ABS: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene is also the most common kind of plastic we use in our everyday life. May not work with some printers as it needs a heated bed to stick to the base, refer to your printer’s technical specification before buying.

PLA: Polylactic Acid is made using renewable resource like corn starch, waste materials from sugar and even potato starch. Work with all kind of printer and is gaining popularity with environmentally cautions population.

PVA: Polyvinyl Alcohol is water soluble plastic mostly used as support material. Note this cannot be used with single nozzle 3d printers.

HIPS: High Impact Polystyrene is a dissolve-able filament that is frequently used as support material. It needs a special Limonene solution to dissolve.

We also sell top of the line UV curable Resins at a reasonable price to work with your high precision SLA/DLP 3d printers. These resins are pretested for quality and are good for jewellery as well as engineering prototypes. We also stock specialty materials like flexible and high resolution resins.

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