3D Printing Adhesive - The MAGIGOO

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MAGIGOO – The 3D Printing Adhesive

With extruder type 3D printers (FFF/FDM technology) getting a perfect first layer is vital. The first layer has to stick securely to the bed so that the print does not move for the whole duration of the printing. If it moves, the print gets ruined. This results in a waste of time and filament.

It is equally important that after the printing process is finished, the print can be easily removed from the printing platform (bed).

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Sunhokey prusa i3 kit


In comes MAGIGOO

MAGIGOO is THE 3D printing adhesive specifically designed to tackle this problem. The formulation of MAGIGOO ensures that it works with PLA, ABS and other filaments. It works on heated beds offering strong adhesion when the bed is hot. As soon as the bed cools back down all the adhesion is lost allowing the print to be gently removed. Removal tools and super human powers not needed.


In addition MAGIGOO can be applied directly onto any printing surface. MAGIGOO also eliminates the need for any rafts and ensures that you have no more ruined prints. Thanks to the strong adhesion that MAGIGOO offers, you can now print using even faster print speeds (depending on the printer capabilities).

How to use MAGIGOO

MAGIGOO - the 3D printing adhesive is supplied in a pen like container. Thus application onto the printing surface is as easy as drawing with a wide tip felt pen. After application some time should be allowed for MAGIGOO to dry before printing is started. It is recommended that after each print the plate is cleaned and a fresh coat of MAGIGOO is applied. This will eliminate excess MAGIGOO build-up and ensure perfectly clean shiny surfaces.

This video provides step by step instructions on how to best apply MAGIGOO in order to get that perfect first layer. Good print bed calibration is still important to ensure the best results possible. Strong hold with easy release.


MAGIGOO will ensure that you get to enjoy your new shiny (or old workhorse :) ) 3D printer to the full. With MAGIGOO you get less frustration and an easier entry into the fantastic world of 3D printing. MAGIGOO helps combat 3D print warping allowing for longer print times with perfectly flat surfaces. It also allows for very delicate prints, given that no force is needed to remove the print.

We have made all the efforts to ensure that MAGIGOO is safe for the user and the machine, no propellants and no harmful chemicals present. MAGIGOO is also easily cleaned using a damp cloth.

In addition one MAGIGOO pen will last for over a 100 prints.

So what are you waiting for? Get your MAGIGOO and get 3D printing today.

| 3 reviews
<p><strong>No more Warping!! MAGIGOO is Ingenious</strong></p> <p>This adhesive tape is indeed easy to stick and easy to release. The main problem with the previous masking tapes was that all of them had low heat resistance due to which often the glue would give up. Sometimes the tape would even start to curl delaying the whole process.</p> <p>I was so frustrated by the fact that even after buying an expensive printer, somehow I was not getting the desired prints. The models would either be warped or would stick to the bed. But, not anymore! The best part is that Magigoo works for both ABS as well as PLA. I totally loved it!</p> <p><em>I am sticking 5-Shining Stars to this product!</em></p>
| 3 reviews
Earlier, no matter how well I lined up the strips of ordinary tapes, I could feel the seam on rubbing my fingers over it. But Magigoo adhesive is real nice. I can directly apply on the surface. The advantage of using it is its pen like structure. It is just so easy to use. I can clean the bed with damp cloth later on. It deserves more than 5-stars…..
| 3 reviews
<p><em>Drastic Improvement in printing quality after using this stick!</em></p> <p>I have the fifth gen MakerBot 3D printer at my office. Since, its extruder nozzle is not close enough to the build plate, I would normally use rafts instead of playing with the Z-axis (Can&rsquo;t take risk with office supplies!). Finally, I would use a sharp putty knife to get the rafts off the print.</p> <p>It was embarrassing! Magigoo is actually a savior for me. It works very well. Plus, I don&rsquo;t have to switch of the heat bed and wait unnecessarily. Loved it very much!</p>

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