Could an Army of 3D Printed Drones Destroy America?

19 Jun

Could an Army of 3D Printed Drones Destroy America?

3D Printed Drones?

It’s an extremely interesting time for people who follow American Presidential election campaigns, I really do not want to do name calling here but most people would know why and whom I am pin pointing at. But did you know that there is a lot more to it that just Republicans and Democrats.

Let us introduce you to yet another Presidential candidate, Zoltan Istvan who is a American writer,[2] futurist, philosopher, and transhumanist (it is an international and intellectual movement that aims to transform the human condition by developing and creating widely available sophisticated technologies to greatly enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities.)

Mr. Istvan, thinks that one of the greatest dangers to Americans is from an army of rogue 3D Printed Drones which could be developed by terrorist. He thinks that these drones can be equipped with conventional weapons like fire arms, miniaturized missile technology or even chemical weapons and can be used against the Americans.

3D Printed Drones

While his claims may sound stupid or outlandish to some there is a real danger of the use of 3D printing technology against the human kind. He recently gave an interview to a British Tabloid Daily Mirror and said “You can 3D-print 100 drones for about $30,000 or $40,000. That means at least half of adult Americans can come up with the money to create a drone army. It’s really easy to arm these drones—you go to Walmart, you buy a bullet, you put the bullet in and you can shoot it pretty easily.”

His doubts are certainly backed by some recent events where we have seen American and British army’s testing 3d Printed drones which can be assembled in the war zone and carry fire arms. Pentagon recently released footage of its own 3D printed drone swarm launched from fighter jets.

Mr. Istvan thinks that the same technology could be used to carry crude chemical weapons or even things like acid which can cause wide spread devastation. He could also fall into trouble as he openly objects to the American Gun lobbyist as he kind of back the Gun Control regime in America.

Istvan further added that, “When they wrote the constitution they were writing with quill pens and they were talking about single-shot guns. They were not talking about drones that can fire multiple bullets at once at crowds and have hundreds of them swarming. We really need a legal and a governmental organization—maybe even a brand new institution—to deal with how fast and how far science and technology is developing in the United States. Because people just don’t realize that there are multiple ways of using technology to harm citizens, and without some type of increased security measures, we’re going to have tragedies happen.”

We recently saw some amazing dance act performed by drones in the America’s got Talent if you haven’t, I have added the link below.

I was personally amazed at the kind of control these drones had, could such precision be one day used to attach and individual or be used as hit mans. Or these flying beauties be used in numbers to do mass shooting? We do not know, but we cannot deny the fact that the concerns raised by Mr. Istvan are very valid.


Image Credit:Alex Pearlman

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Could an Army of 3D Printed Drones Destroy America?
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